For Adele Fans : 7 Reasons why we love Adele

Brilliant singer and songwriter, Adele, is something all Brits can brag about. She’s from here and that gives us even more bragging power when it comes to good music. But our love for Adele is much deeper than that. Here are just 7 of the many reasons why we adore here.

She curses like a sailor


While her albums are tame enough for kids to listen to, Adele in person is very much the kind of woman who will enhance her sentences with perfectly peppered curse words. Most recently, there was that beetle nibbling on her during one of her shows. She makes it adorably funny and charming.

Her albums were titled after her age


 Up to this point, Adele has named each of her albums after the age that she was while she was recording it. However, she’s mentioned that she’ll be doing something different going forward.

 She admits when she makes mistakes

adele and elen 

When she appeared at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards back in February of 2016, she felt her performance didn’t measure up. She was invited on the always-hilarious Ellen DeGeneres Show where she confessed that she was “pitchy.” She says it’s all about the raw emotion from her songs. Despite this though, we love her because she’s not perfect and she doesn’t pretend to be because she knows she doesn’t have to be.

She’s a very relatable mum

adele mumPhoto Credit : Splash News

Adele tattooed her son’s name on her hand. Plus, she shared her story about postpartum depression with Vanity Fair to help other women know that it can happen to anyone.

She puts body shamers to shame


Adele has always very publicly been addressing body image issues. She’s honest as well as empowering. When the body shaming trolls strike on the internet, she knows how to shut them down.

Her voice

British singer Adele performs the song "Skyfall" at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood 

Of course, no list of things we all love about Adele would ever be complete without talking about the one thing that made her famous in the first place. Her voice is amazing. It’s hauntingly beautiful, smoky with a purely emotional charm that is completely distinctive from other performers.

Her laugh


On stage and in interviews, when Adele laughs, we love her even more. She’s got that kind of cackling laugh that makes you want to laugh along with her. When she laughs, she feels more like one of your mates than some hugely famous musician. It adds to what makes her so incredibly relatable.

There are so many reasons to love Adele. What are your reasons for loving her?

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