Best fruits to eat : when having a bad day

Having a bad day? Wait! Before you go binging on something unhealthy, grab some fresh fruit to eat instead. We’re not saying you shouldn’t ever indulge in something high-cal occasionally, but when you do it while you’re having a bad day, it provides a fix mentally that will have you always turning to fattier foods for comfort.

Instead, reach for these fruits and save the pizza and take-away for a cheat day or celebration.



Mangoes are full of beta-carotene which your body turns into vitamin A. That, in conjunction with a heaping dose of vitamin C, boosts your immune system. Plus, the tropical taste and aroma will turn your mood completely around.


peach-2071176_1920Peaches, and nectarines too, contain tons of potassium. You’ll enjoy better nerve and muscle health when you eat more of these. Don’t peel them either! Those skins contain powerful antioxidants and fibre. Another bonus is that they taste sweet on their own, making them a great fruit to keep on hand if you’re trying to lose weight.



These small little orbs of deliciousness shoo away heart disease and help lower cholesterol. The purple or red varieties of grapes have the largest concentrations of healthy compounds like resveratrol to help keep you healthy.


pineapple-867245_1920 Like mangoes, pineapples have the power to perk up your mood fast. They also contain an anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain that help to lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. It can also increase fertility.



Filled with vitamins C and E, kiwi can guard you against cancer and keep your eyes healthy. They make for great sweet treats that are low-cal and high in fibre.



The juice from pomegranate has triple the antioxidants of green tea and red wine. It also has more potassium. It can also improve your heart health.



This superfood has one of the highest antioxidant levels around. It fights disease and elevates brain power. You’re also less likely to lose your sight the more of them you eat, so dig in!


fruit-671980_1920There’s a reason they put grapefruit into many skincare products. Grapefruit does a lot of good for your body. It’s full of vitamin C and can repair damaged skin and hair. Furthermore, the scent awakens the spirit and brightens your mood.

The next time you feel a little low, try eating some of these fruits instead for a healthy, delicious and satisfying way to change your mood.

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