Healthy Eating: Is it Worth it to Save those Extra Pounds?

Somewhere along the line, your body changed things up on you. Where you were once able to eat an entire pizza and down 5 pints of beer without consequence, now it seems it’s spreading around your middle. So you try to be good and eat salads all the time but it’s left you feeling a bit depressed, not to mention so hungry you wind up gobbling down everything else in sight.

If it makes you feel miserable, then one has to wonder if eating healthy is worth it to save yourself from those extra pounds. The answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no.

Eating healthy has a bounty of benefits. When you eat the right foods for your body and give it the nutrients it needs, it functions optimally. Many people think that eating healthy has to taste terrible or that it should only consist of eating all salads all the time. Nutritionists advise you to eat healthy 80% of the time while enjoying something special the other 20%. By living this kind of lifestyle, one doesn’t need to commit to some suffocating diet or juice cleanse. In fact, by going on some diet that deprives you of the things you love, you’ll be much more likely to overdo it.

Put simply, if you deprive yourself of pizza for weeks and weeks on end and then decide to treat yourself, you’ll wind up eating at least 2 more pieces than you need, even if you feel full. By practicing a style of moderation, you’ll find that eating one slice of really good pizza will be enough to satisfy your desires for it.

In the long run, this translates to healthier eating patterns which will help keep your waistline in line. And while that’s outstanding, there’s more. Eating healthy will keep you healthy and prolong your life. The right foods have the power to ward off diseases that can cut your life short, so eating healthy really is worth all the hassle.


Moderation is the key to enduring a healthier eating style. So is finding food that is nutritious and delicious. Salads don’t need to be boring. There are many ways to dress them up and make them more exciting. In today’s world, it’s even easier to eat healthier than it ever was before so take advantage of online recipes, organic items, and make healthier choices.

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