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Hotels need to stock superfoods : Here’s why



If you are working on improving the flavour and nutrients of your customers’ diet, then I suggest you go for superfood.

Superfoods are a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, oils and seafood that are naturally rich in nutrients necessary for a healthy body. These foods are full of nutrients and can improve the flavour of your food. You might also be looking for a few new recipes to impress your customers.

It’s about time the hospitality industry invests in these foods. Since they are organic, superfoods are free from pesticides and chemicals used on several farm produce for human consumption. The chemicals and pesticides used on agricultural products to increase the content of toxins in them making them harmful for human consumption.

Since they grow naturally, Superfoods are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that are required by the body. Some superfoods such as blueberries are rich in minerals such as manganese, vitamins and dietary fibre making them very easy to consume. Other superfoods such as cocoa and Kiwis, for example, need to be prepared before being consumed.

Like the food industry, creating a trend in using superfoods as part of your recipes means you are creating a healthy lifestyle for your customers by improving their diets. Using these foods ensures that your clients stay out of risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiac diseases as well as skin diseases among others. As an industry, you have to convince your customers that eating these foods can help them in a great way.

There are several nutritious superfoods that you can add to your recipes and make a great meal. The top superfoods that you can use include:

  • Blueberries


Blueberries are some of the most important superfoods. The seeds can be consumed raw and do not require too much preparation. Blueberries are also a great source of Vitamins C and K,  fibre, manganese and anthocyanin. The high levels of antioxidants, anthocyanin, can help protect your customers against heart diseases as well as some forms of cancer. As a result, if you are considering improving your customer’s diet, you should use blueberries.

  • Goji berries

Chinese Goji Berries 2007. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.

These super foods have been used in China as the traditional medicine for decades. Goji berries are rich in Vitamins A, B2, and C, iron and polysaccharides. The berries have an effect in the body. It boosts immunity, brain activity, protects against cardiac diseases and improve life expectancy.

  • Cocoa


Cocoa is a superfood that can be processed industrially into chocolate. It is a rich source of minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and manganese. It also contains a lot of antioxidants. If you want to venture into ways you can help your customer’s relief stress, a beverage made of drinking chocolate can be essential. Besides, drinking chocolate can also assist in lowering blood pressure and protecting against cancer.

  • Tigernuts


The wrinkled root vegetables have been gaining traction across the planet, replacing the fondly beloved Quinoa and Kales in a lot of dinner tables. Sure, they can be consumed raw, ground into flour and cooked with other dishes or squashed to release heart-friendly oils. But much of their popularity is bolstered by the seemingly unbelievable discovery surrounding their health benefits that are hard to ignore.

  • Oily fish


Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins B and D and the mineral, selenium are abundant in oily seafood. These foods include sardines, and mackerels. This superfood is quite essential in protecting the body against cancer, dementia and vision loss because of old age.

  • Green and black tea


Green and black teas are produced from the same plant using different methods. The leaves of Camellia sinensis are steamed to produce green tea and fermented for black tea. The leaves of the plant are used in Chinese medicine during body detoxification process as well as part of herbal medicine because the leaves are super rich in antioxidants.  Green tea has been known to prevent neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s as well as improve weight loss and prevent cancer.

  • Beetroot


The incredible superfood known for its red juice is highly rich in iron and folic acid. Beetroot has gained great applications in the treatment of skin problems and fevers. It has also been used to lower blood pressure and boost low blood levels and prevent dementia. The fact that you can take it raw makes the vegetable one of the easiest to prepare.

  • Garlic


Well, most people do not like this vegetable for its notably unusual odour. However, garlic has gained popularity as medicine, as a cooking ingredient as well as a raw material for insecticides. Eating food with garlic has shown to lower high blood pressure, cholesterol, treat colds as well prevent some forms of cancer.

Importance of using superfoods in your recipes

  • Improve on the flavour


Flavour is the key to the establishment of every food industry. Healthy Superfoods are a major factor to be considered when you want to satisfy your customers with a wide variety of dishes. Make use of whole foods to garnish your foods or decorate your desserts. More so, you can come up with a unique recipe that incorporates one of the superfoods such as the oily fishes as part of the main course.

Superfoods can help you create a beautiful menu with the variety of foods with different flavours. Superfoods will make sure that your food industry attracts a broad range of people who want to enjoy the tasty and healthy food.

As your customers learn more about the role the diet plays in the development of some lifestyle diseases, they will come to love your dishes too.

  • Improve on nutrition


Most hospitality industries lack options when it comes to healthy foods. Using organic foods ensures that your food dishes avail a wide variety of nutrients. Being mindful of your customers’ means you have to mind about their health too. The organic ingredients will enable you to come up with new items on your menu, and with time you will have customers that are willing to try out your new dishes.

  • Create variety


There is nothing as exciting as trying out new tasty food. With superfoods, you can create a broad range of dishes and appeal to your customers more than before.

In efforts to lead healthier lives, customers are consistently choosing superfoods. If you add a few organic foods to your recipes, you stand a chance of getting a little closer to improving the lives of your clients. Stocking superfoods will help you keep your customer happy and come back for more.

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Why Organic Food Is Going Mainstream



One of the latest phenomena blossoming in the food industry is the changing consumer preference and the odds seemingly favoring those who love safe and chemical-free foods. The ballooning consumer demand is impressive granted that the bright star in the grocery business is a win-win for both the consumers and the growers. But, of particular importance is the reason people are going for these organic foods instead of the traditional ones.

Organic foods are nutritious with no chemical substances


Fueling the organic habit is the need for a better food alternative that puts nutrition and better health first. From plants to organic meats, all of them are perfect for those who would love to stay healthy and far from the many lifestyle based ills. Plants like beans, lentils, grains, nuts and seeds offer wide-ranging perks that keep us healthier while organic meat, fish, and other animal-based organic foods are also sustainable.

Animal welfare


Food production is largely an industrialized process that also employs a heavy use of chemicals for aroma and as preservatives. But with consumer awareness becoming an order of the day nowadays and animal welfare calls becoming more vocal via the mainstream media, use of chemicals in food production is dwindling. In fact, antibiotic-free meats, milk, and eggs as a result of better animal husbandry practices are not a new thing anymore.

Better for the environment


Much like animal welfare, environmental awareness issues surrounding food production isn’t a new idea today, although organic food growers are trying to make their efforts enough for their environment. The move is bolstered by the fact that sustainable methods of growing these foods and keeping animals also impact the environment positively. And, given that there’s no use of chemicals, it is indeed true.

Who buys organic foods?


Getting these foods is becoming even easier, and prices are becoming more reasonable, and much of it is due to the large stores and foods grocers having them, including Wal-Mart and Wild Oats organic foods. And since the number of consumers in on a gradually rising trend, it isn’t hard to tell for sure who leads the line.

Millennial parents are the most tech-savvy and indeed health-savvy given that they occupy a massive 50% and even more of those who buy the organic foods. Generation X parents and baby boomers are other organic food enthusiasts, although it is the increasing number of organic food stores that serve as a perfect testament to the growing movement.

And what is fueling the habit?

Besides each of the above reasons, other reasons to try organic foods include:

  1. The rise of the many groups that connect over the web with intentions of emancipating the masses.
  2. Mainstreaming of veganism, without a doubt, gives rise to the organic food movement too.
  3. Fast food stores are starting to include organic food menus.

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