Wonderbra : How to Know Your Perfect Size

Do you know what the first thing is that most women do when they come home from a long day? No, it’s not pour themselves an uplifting libation, but that’s pretty close. The first thing most women do is remove their bras. In fact, most women feel like their bras are strangling them but lingerie experts will tell you that if you feel this way, you need a new bra.


You could spent loads of money on the best bra out there, but if it’s not the right size then it’s no good for you. Your bra should feel like it’s not even there at all. Quality is important, but without it being in the right size, it will do nothing for you.

The experts say the right size is everything when it comes to good comfort and appearance when wearing your bra. Do you know what to look for when you try on bras?

Just like all the other clothes in our wardrobe, we must try on bras. We might know our pants size, but if you grab 3 different brands of jeans in your size, you’re going to find some kind of discrepancy. One might be too large while another might feel too snug. The third one might feel just as it should – comfortable – and provide you with a flattering look. The same is true with trying on bras.

Unlike pants though, bras need some adjusting in the straps to provide the perfect fit. Don’t be embarrassed to go into the lingerie department at the department store or to a specialty shop and ask a professional to help you with a fitting. They will help measure you properly to determine your size.

Wonderbra is one of the best bras out there. Women love it because it makes even those with smaller chests look robust. But lifting up your breasts isn’t the only thing you need your Wonderbra to do. It needs to fit right too.

Determining your size is essential for your Wonderbra to do wonders. If you’d prefer to order your Wonderbra online due to being too busy or out of shyness, you should measure yourself properly first so you get the right size.

Here’s how:


  1. Measure yourself while wearing a bra.
  2. Don’t pull the measuring tape too tight. It should be just slightly snug against your body.
  3. Get a friend to help to prevent making an error.
  4. Measure the rib cage for band size and measure the bust for cup size.

Once you have your size, that should be good for a year. Your body is always changing and if you gain or lose any weight, you’ll need to measure yourself again. Don’t forget though that as you take your new size to the shop, the measurements you find should only be used as a guide. Styles and brands do have some variance so keep that in mind when shopping.

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