World’s Greatest Superfood : Is It Tigernuts ?

Yet Tigernuts are a silly-named food known to have been a big stable over a million years ago, turns out that, they are taunted as a superfood to look out for in the future. In the 1950s through 1960s, kids in Northern Africa and some parts of Europe and Asia would buy them for some pennies. Unbeknown to many, the dull, coconut-flavored, nutrient-packed and marble-size tubers would later become perhaps the most sought after superfood.

What are they – are they nuts?

The wrinkled root vegetables have been gaining traction across the planet, replacing the fondly beloved Quinoa and Kales in a lot of dinner tables. Sure, they can be consumed raw, ground into flour and cooked with other dishes or squashed to release heart-friendly oils. But much of their popularity is bolstered by the seemingly unbelievable discovery surrounding their health benefits that are hard to ignore.

Are they the new superfoods you ought to give a try?

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Regardless of their name, Tiger nuts have no relationship with Tigers and aren’t nuts either. In the UK, individuals born around the same period as the infamous WW2 fondly remember having to abandon candies for the petite tubers. And, although they appreciate their options back then, it is the many benefits these nutrient-filled foods are giving them another reason to go back into buying them.

In the US, this vegetable is yet to get maximum attention, despite “making the most delicious milk” in the UK. They are naturally sweet, with a soft, chewy texture, which when ground and used to bake cakes and cookies, serve as a fantastic choice.

Why do they belong to the future?

Truth be said, tiger nuts as a popular vegetable can be termed as a superfood still at its infancy. The food item is a benefit-rich one, but the numbers behind how it can be used are still to be tried and tested. The dairy-free tiger nut horchata, a drink that’s common in Spain hasn’t been famous across the world.

Moreover, some individuals are trying out making flour, smoothie mix, snacks, oil and other products from the coconut-flavored vegetables. Most tiger nut companies prefer to mill the tubers and use them in the place of regular flour before making muffins, breakfast cereals and salad and then using the flour as toppings. And, since many people all over the world are striving to find a safe and healthy snack, maybe tiger nut snacks will offer a worthwhile solution.

Tiger nuts are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, raw and vegan, and thus have no side effects in the body. In fact, given that much of the focus today is centered on safe, healthy and preservative and additive free compounds, tiger nut as an ingredient of any food offer incredible choices. All these aside, you just have to consider the many health benefits of using tiger nut as part of your everyday dish.

Health benefits that come with every tiger nut made food.

Health benefits abound, they are known for being mineral rich, as well as because they are nuts, gluten and starch free. They contain vitamins E and C too. Moreover, the notion that indeed they are a superfood is supported by a nutrient profile almost similar to that of human breast milk. In a nutshell, tiger nuts bring the following health benefits:

  1. Fibre

Oats, apples, and carrots have long stood as the go-to foods if one needs some fibre. Of course, fibre is that one compound responsible for preventing constipation whilst keeping one full for longer. But at the moment, focus on turning towards tiger nuts at the expense of the regular foods, with the reason being the tuber’s abundance in fibre. The same tiger nut works well in preventing colon cancer, coronary disease and obesity; diseases that have been rising in numbers.


  1. Calcium

High in calcium, tigernuts’emily-sea-198689 varied forms that include being in the shape of flour means that one can easily obtain the vitamins E and C, much like drinking fresh milk. In fact, studies show that tiger nut milk’s nutritional count can make it a better milk substitute. For a better taste, one can mix the ground tiger nut with yoghurts and still get the same taste, but with a better nutritional value.


  1. Iron

For vegans, one of the greatest issue in their diet is getting iron. And, given that Tiger nuts are still rich in iron, the problem is solved well. It has been discovered that the tubers have more iron than cow’s milk and nearly equal to those of red meat or iron. In the future, it will be possible to stay away from meaty foods and still get a healthy amount of iron enough to support the body.

  1. Tigernuts vs. Diabetes

The number of people who have diabetes has been increasing recently, and that is attributed to the current lifestyles. In the future, the numbers will most probably stay high, unless we decide to abandon the unhealthy eating styles. But until then, tiger nuts will offer an excellent option for controlling diabetes.

Tigernuts do not raise the levels of sugar in the blood, while fighting inactivity and obesity. Primarily, it helps fight all the conditions that help initiate diabetes attacks, and thus truly belong to the future ill-health remedies.

  1. A substitute for Olive Oil

tigernut oil

We all know olive oil as a substance with magical powers, and it is rarely rivalled. But right now, tiger nut oil is the only substance that can nourish the skin, offer therapeutic aid, and stimulate absorption of calcium and many other benefits. Indeed it is a superfood, perfect for the future!

Goodbye Kales and Quinoa, Tigernut is the latest, best-selling superfood

In the future, the chances are that people will be craving for those healthy foods that aren’t just raw and nutritious, but also contain no chemicals. With their sweet, nutty, flavour, as well as the multiple health benefits, tiger nuts have every reason to usurp kales and quinoa as one of the best foods. Drinks like T.NUT made from tigernut is currently doing well on the market. As versatile as they are, perhaps you can use the tubers the way you like, grind them into flour or use its oil to cook your foods.


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