Marriage or Singlehood?   Big Questions for Millennials in 2017


As summer rapidly approaches, we’re all once again thrust into the height of wedding season. It may seem like everyone is getting married except for you but before you jump on the marriage-bandwagon, you should ask yourself if this is really what you want. Deciding to marry or stay single is a big decision for Millennials. Don’t say “I do” until you think these things through.

 Can you stay faithful?


If you find that your eye roves a lot, even when you are in a relationship with someone, then it might be best to stay single. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field but when you make a commitment to someone for life, flittering about with others isn’t fair to your partner.

Can you compromise?


Do things always need to be your way? Or are you willing to make concessions for others? If you’re not ready to make space in your bed full time for someone else or don’t want to do things that your partner likes just to make them happy, then it might not be the best time for you to get married.

Can you endure this person’s annoying habits?

anger-18658_1920 This is probably the biggest one to consider. Everyone has annoying habits. Even you. You’re reading this and thinking, “No I don’t!” But something you do will be beyond annoying to other people around you whether you realize it or not, just like the things they do will drive you straight up a wall. Consider this person’s habits. For example, say they chew like a bloody cow. Can you endure that without losing your mind every time? It’s not as easy as you think!

Can you do your part to make things work?


Marriage looks all sunny and glossy and happy in the beginning. The fancy wedding with the big cake and scrummy food. The dancing. The romantic photos. Oh, the romance in general! Then reality sets in some time after the honeymoon period. Add kids to that and you’ll find your conversations revolve more around poop and nappies than romance. Marriage is a lot of work and requires more than love to keep it going.

The wedding industry does a very effective job of making single people feel low for being single. It’s a huge money-maker though and it won’t ever go away. The institution of marriage is something millions and millions of people buy into year after year. But you don’t have to buy into the marriage-minded world, now or ever. It should be completely up to you. Getting married for all the wrong reasons will never make anything right. Keep that in mind as you go about your life and if you meet someone who changes your life enough to make you want to take those vows, you’ve still got plenty of time to decide.

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