2017 Holiday : 6 New Vacation Hot Spots to Check Out Before Booking

Ready to go on holiday? Before you pack your bags, learn about these destinations that could make you change your plans from your tried and true holiday spot. Step outside your comfort zone and try one of these amazing places on for size!

Honolulu, Hawaii


Seeking a trip that exudes paradise? Hawaii has long been renowned as one of the ultimate vacation destinations in the world. However as the capital, Honolulu, becomes even more culturally diverse, the year 2017 is a great time to book your holiday as it will host its first ever Biennial, an epic art adventure. If you’re hoping for a bit of culture, arts, and plenty of rest and relaxation, make this your destination.

 Jerusalem, Israel


 For the ultimate foodie, you’ll want to tuck into as many of the dining opportunities here. It’s unlike anything else with an eclectic blend of Jewish and Middle Eastern flavours uniting in harmonious bliss within your mouth. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and be merry here, and of course, you can see all the ancient relics to round it out with a bit of history.

Jura, France


Got wine on your mind? Time to un-wine at the ultimate wine destination in France. Jura is a small wine region that has recently experienced a boom. It’s a perfect hidden gem that wine lovers and food enthusiasts alike will absolutely delight in. After all that indulging at the vineyards and a robust serving of rustic delights, you can work off those calories by skiing, hiking or cycling the steep mountain ridges that are abundant in the area.

Kanazawa, Japan


Tokyo is one of the most common destinations in Japan, but it’s quite expensive. For a more relaxed Japanese experience with a lower price tag, Kanazawa is home to wooden teahouses and contemporary art at the museum. Some of the best sushi around can be yours for much less than you’d pay in Tokyo.

Noosa Heads, Australia

 noosa heads

Just shy of 2 hours away from Brisbane, this is a luxury hot spot you’ll love. There are plenty of upscale hotels as well as brilliant new restaurants. Nearby surfing makes your trip even more eventful, though if that’s not your thing, you can get in with a tour that will take you through the bush for bird-watching and amazing wildlife encounters.



Beautiful white sands and stunning luxury resorts dot the beaches of this island nation that you’ll find just off Africa’s eastern shore. With resorts for every kind of holiday from honeymoon to something with the kids, it’s a paradise everyone can enjoy.

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