HTC 11 : Everything You Need to know

HTC 10 was launched in 2016 and now people are waiting for HTC 11. The expectations from the smart phone are much higher as competitors like Samsung has established a prominent dominance in the market. No doubt the features and specifications of HTC 10 were unique and exciting and customers gave great response to it. HTC 11 is about to launch and people are curious about it. Here we are going to share some leaked details of HTC 11 with our readers.


  • No Physical Button

HTC 11 will be squeezable and there will not be any physical button. Minimum physical volume and no home button are prominent anticipated features of HTC 11 while there will be touch sense to navigate the apps. These sensors will be present at right and left side of the phone. In the leaked images, a small power can be seen in the bottom while one can jump from one app to another by and use different shortcuts by giving the phone a squeeze.

  • Snapdragon 835 Processor

A 10nm chip is expected to run faster Snapdragon 835 processor. Fast processing, high download speed, and dual camera support are distinguishing features of Snapdragon 835 processor. It seems that HTC’s trend of relying on Qualcomm processor will not disappoint them in anyway.

  • 6GB RAM

The rumours are also circulating about the RAM of HTC 11 and they say that the company is relying on 6GB RAM to support high speed Snapdragon 835 processor.

  • Display Size

Another Quad HD display is expected from HTC as HTC 10 came up with 5.2ic display size. The rumour say that this time the display will fall in at 2560×1440 resolutions. Both sides of the smart phone will be curved and design may have similarities with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Moreover, it will support HDR videos too.


  • Powerful Camera

Like other smart phone companies, HTC is also going to introduce selfie-savvy smart phone with 16-megapixel front camera while the rare camera will have 12-megapixel powers. Chances are there that the smart phone may have some common features with iPhone 7 Plus which have dual camera array.

Apart from the above-mentioned anticipations, the latest reports confirm HTC 11 battery might be massive and aiming for 3000mAh capacity. Official page of HTC has not confirmed any date for launch and everyone is waiting for it. However, there are no doubts that the phone will be awesome and win many hearts.

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