NODE CHROMA : A Real Life Photoshop Picker

NODE Chroma is an amazing gadget which boosts the functionality of your smart phone and a true companion of designers and nature lovers. Chroma lets you save the color of an object in your smart phone with a standard formats, i.e. RGB, CMYK, and HEX which you can save and use later. The translation of colours into codes has become so easy and you can use this gadget to find out the right paint for your favourite object and make a comparison with other objects. The selection of right color for printing was not as easy as it has become today.


How Does Chroma Work?

A white LED, specialized end cap, and a photo sensor are the three major parts of Chroma. White LED is used to project light on the object while end cap stops the surrounding light. LEED bounce back the exact color of light to photo-sensor where light receptor accepts it. Primary red, blue, and green colors process the color and give code color as an output.

Distinguishing Features

Chroma can display colors in only CIE L*a*b, sRGB, and HEX values while new color display systems are also in process. DeltaE 2000 is used for color comparison which is strong enough to make great comparisons. No need to wait too long as measurement time is less than a second while it can take measurement of the area up to 1.9cm^2. For iOS the color capacity is limited but it’s extremely good for other devices. The accuracy of color detection is much higher and even at high temperatures it gives 1% average difference.


  • Use Chroma for quality control
  • Pick digital value of the color in seconds
  • Store the value of your favorite color in a hardware

Compatible Devices

All Android devices which are equipped with BT4.0 API can use NODE Chroma. iPod touch 5th generation, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 3 nd 4 are compatible for Chroma and accurately measure the value of colors.


Chroma is a fantastic gadget which has brought a lot of comfort for graphic designers, interior designers, and painters. There are some other features which are under process and surely they will increase the usefulness of Chroma. Color calibration, mechanised aluminum module, and circuit board assembly are the prominent future features of Chroma. Moreover, an app is also under development process which will have all functions of Chroma.  Enjoy the beauty of colours and unleash your cell phone’s potential with Chroma!

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