For Drivers : This Gadget will track your blood alcohol content with a wristband

Are you out in a party with your friends and want to check the quantity of alcohol in your blood? Then, why could be the possible solutions? Checking blood alcohol content (BAC) with the help of breathalyzer could be a fun thing only. Then what should a person do to estimate a true content of blood alcohol and to get direction about whether or not a person can take another glass of a drink or not?

Proof- your BAC measuring tool

Evan Strenk provided you a solution for your problem through establishing Milo Sensors Company. Blood alcohol content can be detected through their sensors that are worn around the person’s wrist. These bands basically sense the amount and type of different chemicals present in body with the help of sweat emitting from your skin. These bands are known as Proof and after measuring alcohol level send all information through an app to the person.

Use of Proof band

To use a proof band for detecting your BAC level, you can wear your band and can also set alarm on it to make you alert about alcohol quantity in your blood. Let’s suppose you can wear your band and set alarm for the specific alcohol quantity like 0.5 percent. Your wristband will continuously measure the quantity for you and once you reach a specific limit it will make you alert. You can also see at which rate your alcohol level is increasing in your blood with the help of Proof as it’s another aim is to measure BAC continuously and give you a complete chart about it rather than just notifying you after reaching a maximum limit. You have to insert cartridge inside your wristband that will oxidize to interpret bio-analytic of your body through your skin. these cartridges are not reusable and can be bought within few dollars only.

According to Strenk, besides measuring BAC, this technology can also help to measure other stuff like caffeine level etc., from your body, because the skin is a freeway of such molecules and this fact makes it easy to detect different chemicals present inside the body.


Benefits of Proof

  • It prevents you from embarrassment in front of your family and friends as no one will get to know whether you are checking your messages of BAC level.
  • It is easy to use and costs you a few dollars every time you wear it.
  • It provides continuous measurement of your blood alcohol level

When it was launched

These wearable sensors were launched this year, by Milo Sensors at CES in Eureka Park. According to Strenk, there has always been a danger from competitors like Fitbit that they might copy or integrate your technology into their products. However, Milo Sensors are on higher edge because of having extensive research of two years on this issue. They have proposed their initial model last year to NIH who after comparing it with breathalyzers appreciated these bands. According to Strenk the product was not open to the public before it was being launched this year, however, it will come out anytime between this year and it will cost almost between $100 and $150.


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