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For Drivers : This Gadget will track your blood alcohol content with a wristband



Are you out in a party with your friends and want to check the quantity of alcohol in your blood? Then, why could be the possible solutions? Checking blood alcohol content (BAC) with the help of breathalyzer could be a fun thing only. Then what should a person do to estimate a true content of blood alcohol and to get direction about whether or not a person can take another glass of a drink or not?

Proof- your BAC measuring tool

Evan Strenk provided you a solution for your problem through establishing Milo Sensors Company. Blood alcohol content can be detected through their sensors that are worn around the person’s wrist. These bands basically sense the amount and type of different chemicals present in body with the help of sweat emitting from your skin. These bands are known as Proof and after measuring alcohol level send all information through an app to the person.

Use of Proof band

To use a proof band for detecting your BAC level, you can wear your band and can also set alarm on it to make you alert about alcohol quantity in your blood. Let’s suppose you can wear your band and set alarm for the specific alcohol quantity like 0.5 percent. Your wristband will continuously measure the quantity for you and once you reach a specific limit it will make you alert. You can also see at which rate your alcohol level is increasing in your blood with the help of Proof as it’s another aim is to measure BAC continuously and give you a complete chart about it rather than just notifying you after reaching a maximum limit. You have to insert cartridge inside your wristband that will oxidize to interpret bio-analytic of your body through your skin. these cartridges are not reusable and can be bought within few dollars only.

According to Strenk, besides measuring BAC, this technology can also help to measure other stuff like caffeine level etc., from your body, because the skin is a freeway of such molecules and this fact makes it easy to detect different chemicals present inside the body.


Benefits of Proof

  • It prevents you from embarrassment in front of your family and friends as no one will get to know whether you are checking your messages of BAC level.
  • It is easy to use and costs you a few dollars every time you wear it.
  • It provides continuous measurement of your blood alcohol level

When it was launched

These wearable sensors were launched this year, by Milo Sensors at CES in Eureka Park. According to Strenk, there has always been a danger from competitors like Fitbit that they might copy or integrate your technology into their products. However, Milo Sensors are on higher edge because of having extensive research of two years on this issue. They have proposed their initial model last year to NIH who after comparing it with breathalyzers appreciated these bands. According to Strenk the product was not open to the public before it was being launched this year, however, it will come out anytime between this year and it will cost almost between $100 and $150.


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NASA has developed so many tools and equipment using space technology that help the astronauts who use them as well as the average person on the street. Most of these gadgets have so infiltrated our lives that it is hard to believe that they were a part of space technology initially.



NASA might not be behind the lens which was initially invented for vision correction purposes but it very well helped develop the plastic lens which is so commonly used in the eyeglasses today. This plastic is not only safe to be used on earth but in space as well as it doesn’t shatter into small sharp pieces.

Solar Power


The solar plants that we see today making use of the energy of the sun were initially created by NASA to help them fly aircraft for longer period of time in space. The invention later trickled down to become a part of our daily life. Today solar power plants are used to not only generate electricity but to drive cars as well.

Nutritional compound in Infant formula milk


Almost 85% of the nutritional value which is found in infant formula milk is based on the research which was carried out by NASA on the benefits of algae. It helped them discover sources of energy which were later used to develop infant formula milk. The compound helps with the development of eyes and brain in humans.



LEDs are such a huge part of our lives that it is difficult to see how life would have been without them once. LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes were initially created by NASA to help them grow plants in space without using any power source. The theory behind this space technology is now used to help heal patients in techniques like chemotherapy and radiation.

Water filters


The water filters we use in our homes were initially designed to help astronauts gain access to clean healthy water in space. Now, the technology is used in millions of households all over the world to make water drinkable.

These are just some of the many ways in which space technology has developed things that are now a major part of our lives. For more details on what is new in space technology, don’t forget to follow our magazine.

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Scientists have long been working to bring on board commercial products to facilitate the astronauts who are currently working on the international space station. The purpose is to make the lives of these scientists much more convenient and homely. Since June 2012, NASA has been working to send consumer edge products up in space for the ease of these astronauts.

Things To Consider

Before NASA decides on the things that can go up in space, there are a few things they usually consider first.

Safety: To make the lives of these astronauts easier, the gadgets that are taken up in space should be safe to travel across the orbits. Obviously.

Low mass: It ensures that they are easy to handle and are not a burden to carry. And oh, it will cost less as well.

Usage: The gadgets that go up in space should serve a purpose. Gadgets should help scientists with their missions and projects.

Why take iPhones up in space?

The whole idea was initiated to help NASA cut its costs that were to be invested in designing other mini computerized gadgets that could travel in space to help with missions. Using iPhone and the products of the same family, allowed them to save money while fulfilling their missions too. After a two-year long certification program, iPhones could pass the NASA certification needed to declare them safe for space travel. The reasons below were considered:

  • Their batteries are secure and are not made of materials that would make them explode or leak in the pressures and heat of the outer space.
  • The phones didn’t give off any toxic fumes when treated with certain solvents or environment.
  • When broken, the glass of the phone would not shatter into dangerously small pieces to cut or harm the scientists there.

After clearing these and many other safety aspects, NASA gave iPhones a clearance certificate. Can you think of any other gadget which could be used up in space?


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Exciting Reasons to Buy Huawei’s High-End V9 Smartphone



Last year the tech giant Huawei, revealed their plans and told the world that they aimed to overtake big smartphone companies Apple and Samsung. Recently, they have launched Honor V9 which is a high-end smartphone with exciting features. Huawei, the smartphone company that is planning to release artificial intelligence powered phone by 2020 says V9 smartphone has many features which distinguishes it from its peers. For instance, Huawei claims that the V9 is the only smart phone which can do 3D modeling from a photo into a printout.

Appealing Reasons to Buy It

The catchy features of V9 appeal to several customers. Like Google, Sony, and LG smartphones, V9 is also equipped with Nougat operating system which is a much advanced, faster, and efficient Android OS. A 12-megapixel camera and 2-megapixel photo tracker are comparable with Google pixel and iPhone 7 cameras due to the presence of DSLR stand alone.  Some experts are terming it a copy of iPhone 7 as V9 has come up with a lot of amazing specs while the thin metal chassis resembles with iPhone 7.

Huawei Honor Specifications

  • 6 GHz Kirin 960 chip has two quad-core clusters while 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage provides enough space for hybrid dual –SIM slot. It supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks.
  • Large 5.7” QHD display lets you play games and watch movies with a clear screen and great comfort. LTPS LCD technology ensures bright colors and powerful display. 12 MP camera has face detection and auto focus features while 4k video recording facility doesn’t let you miss any important moment. Secondary cameras have 8MP power.
  • You can connect it with hotspot, Bluetooth, WiFi direct, dual band, and USB-C. The big connectivity options provide you great comfort the use of smartphone and you can share images and videos with your friends and family.
  • 4000 mAh long lasting battery gives you peace of mind and doesn’t need to charge again and again. The high-quality battery doesn’t explode and has no technical defects like Samsung smartphones.
  • The price of V9 with all these splendid features is available the cost of $377 which is a reasonable price when you see appealing features.

Low price and high-quality smartphones stand out Huawei from other expensive companies like Apple and Samsung. Unlike the other Chinese companies, Huawei has light weight smartphones and equivalent features to renowned smartphone companies.

Have you ever used Huawei ? Are you going for the V9 ? What are your reasons ? Lets get talking.


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