SCANBOX : A Portable Scanner

Document scanning is a frequently done job in offices and educational institutes. Due the traditional scanning machines, scanning is considered a bit difficult jib as you can move scanning machine easily from one place to another. They occupy more space and needs integration with other hardware while the installation of drivers makes the work more troublesome.

What is Scanbox?

Scanbox is a small yet extremely useful scanning machine which has addressed all the above-mentioned scanning problems. It uses the camera of your smart phone while the light weight of scanbox ensures maximum portability. High qualities results, easy to set up, and easy to pack down are distinguishing features of Scanbox. It easily fits in your bag and you can take it with you anywhere and anytime.


How Does it Work?

This small scanbox comes with LED light that enlightens the document from the bottom and provided enough light sources to ensure maximum quality of the scanning. Scanbox plus has high power LED and powerful magnets which control the direction of the light. When you place your camera on the Scanbox and turns on the light source then it produces high quality image of the document.


Benefits of Scanbox

Scanbox isn’t like traditional scanners which take a lot of bench space and require old software just to scan simple emails and documents. LED is much powerful that you can scan a document in both dim and bright lights. Digitizing your receipts is no more a difficult task while you can also use scanbox as projector for live presentations. The handy machine can scan a page of the book and a 3D object without leaving any flaw while this simple machine has turned your smart phone into a photocopier.

Tech Specifications

Scanbox is perfect to scan A4 documents. Its dimensions are 12.2 x12.2 x.05 while it has great compatibility with iPhone 4and 4S but any smart phone with back camera can work with Scanbox. Use Camscanner+ to scan a document directly to PDF which is called OCR scans. Te advance features of Scanbox lets you create multi-pages documents which you can easily upload on Google Docs.


 Scanbox is one of the best gadgets of 2017 which has improved the utility of smart phones and brought great comfort for students and professionals. There is still a lot of space for improvements and this shouldn’t be specific only to iPhone users. Scanbox should be available for the big market of Android.

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