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Dieting : The Most Popular Diet Myths




  • Need to lose weight or maybe embark on a no-fat detox frenzy so that your sluggish metabolic process begins?
  • Ever tried dieting, perhaps to cut excess weight and attain the right summer figure?

Whether you have spent a few weeks of your life going through the seemingly insurmountable, tiring alleys of dieting or not, trust me, some myths and urban-lies can make your feel sweaty. Nearly everything said by the ‘successful graduates’ of the various dieting plans suddenly become philosophical. What’s more, every dieting program becomes the best, backed by proven results and a host of reviewers from all parts of the globe.

There are the outright lies, the bizarre rules and then, there are the many diet myths.

Are low-fat foods goods? Does eating just one mega meal at the wee hours of the morning every day perfect for shedding those kilos?

Consider the following five diet myths and opinions.

Myth #1: Low-fat and No-fat foods are okay for anyone dieting.


Fact: Although fats are the major contributors of the excess pounds, leading dieticians are vehemently fighting against the most popular myth. For women, the body needs 30-70g of fat every day, and men need 40-90g of fat because these fats that energize the body, transport vitamins and even serve as the outer protective layer of the body. So, instead of living in No-fat diets, it’s important to cut down on all saturated fats.

Myth #2: Fasting makes you lose weight


Fact: There’s a type of dieting that is centered on the idea of fasting as a way of depriving the body food so that reserves are used up. While it basically works, fasting ultimately hinders weight loss and may trigger various forms of ill-health. Alongside that, anyone who fasts to lose weight automatically gains weight once he or she returns to the earlier healthy eating regimen.

Myth #3: Slow metabolism inhibits weight loss


Fact: In the midst of the many enthusiastic weight loss hopeful’s hassles is a seemingly popular myth. And, as much as many of them subscribe to this lie, studies show that resting metabolism increases as a person gains weight. In simple terms, an obese individual needs more calories to keep critical processes going. So, maintaining a sedentary lifestyle equals keeping the process of eliminating fats low, which then spur weight gain.

Myth #4: Cholesterol is BAD!

Fact: Cholesterol is a fatty compound made by the human liver. And, although cholesterol is perhaps the most dreaded substance, ‘good’ cholesterol is proving to be the best as it builds cells and aids in the making of vital hormones. Low-density lipoprotein, otherwise called ‘bad’ proteins can be fatal because they form deposits that clog arteries and eventually trigger heart disease. So, to overcome this myth, it’s only important that you stick to unsaturated fats, oils, seeds and nuts alone.

Myth #5: You can gain weight upon quitting smoking


Fact: First and foremost, it is important to mention that tobacco use and weight gaining (or weight loss) have no relationship whatsoever. Upon quitting smoking, some people frequently gain some pounds, others lose or just stay the way they were.

Indeed nicotine that’s present in tobacco has a subtle effect on the body’s metabolism. But the subtle effect can only be apparent when the habit of smoking is replaced with another practice that can affect the body’s healthy weight. The cravings will be there, but it is important to eat healthy foods instead of eating sugary and fatty foods.

Other common myths:

  • The banana myth.
  • Low-fat foods only help lose weight quickly.
  • Small servings are the key to losing weight.
  • It is always hard to lose weight if you are old.
  • All dieting plans work without the need to work out.


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David Beckham

Our beloved handsome football star is a lover of escargot!



This super singer screams for ice cream. Though she’ll likely scream loudest for chocolate as that is her favorite flavour!


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Emma Watson

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 Justin Bieber

Every little girl around the world with a crush on him should know that if they made him Spaghetti Bolognese, they might just have his heart.



The singer, now expecting twins, has made it quite well-known that she absolutely adores pizza. No mention of what toppings she prefers, but it’s nice to know Bey likes the same things we like.


Kate Middleton

The Duchess loves sticky toffee pudding. How could we blame her? Excellent choice!

toffee pudding .jpg

Karl Lagerfeld

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Paul Weller

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Howling Bells

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VV Brown

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Taylor Swift

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Angelina Jolie

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Chrissy Teigen

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Britney Spears

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Ellie Goulding

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Kelly Osbourne

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What’s your favourite food? Does your favourite celebrity share your same tastes?

Let’s get talking !

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Video : How to make Mushrooms Pasta with Zucchini



[wpvideo XNRuxtC3]

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Why Organic Food Is Going Mainstream



One of the latest phenomena blossoming in the food industry is the changing consumer preference and the odds seemingly favoring those who love safe and chemical-free foods. The ballooning consumer demand is impressive granted that the bright star in the grocery business is a win-win for both the consumers and the growers. But, of particular importance is the reason people are going for these organic foods instead of the traditional ones.

Organic foods are nutritious with no chemical substances


Fueling the organic habit is the need for a better food alternative that puts nutrition and better health first. From plants to organic meats, all of them are perfect for those who would love to stay healthy and far from the many lifestyle based ills. Plants like beans, lentils, grains, nuts and seeds offer wide-ranging perks that keep us healthier while organic meat, fish, and other animal-based organic foods are also sustainable.

Animal welfare


Food production is largely an industrialized process that also employs a heavy use of chemicals for aroma and as preservatives. But with consumer awareness becoming an order of the day nowadays and animal welfare calls becoming more vocal via the mainstream media, use of chemicals in food production is dwindling. In fact, antibiotic-free meats, milk, and eggs as a result of better animal husbandry practices are not a new thing anymore.

Better for the environment


Much like animal welfare, environmental awareness issues surrounding food production isn’t a new idea today, although organic food growers are trying to make their efforts enough for their environment. The move is bolstered by the fact that sustainable methods of growing these foods and keeping animals also impact the environment positively. And, given that there’s no use of chemicals, it is indeed true.

Who buys organic foods?


Getting these foods is becoming even easier, and prices are becoming more reasonable, and much of it is due to the large stores and foods grocers having them, including Wal-Mart and Wild Oats organic foods. And since the number of consumers in on a gradually rising trend, it isn’t hard to tell for sure who leads the line.

Millennial parents are the most tech-savvy and indeed health-savvy given that they occupy a massive 50% and even more of those who buy the organic foods. Generation X parents and baby boomers are other organic food enthusiasts, although it is the increasing number of organic food stores that serve as a perfect testament to the growing movement.

And what is fueling the habit?

Besides each of the above reasons, other reasons to try organic foods include:

  1. The rise of the many groups that connect over the web with intentions of emancipating the masses.
  2. Mainstreaming of veganism, without a doubt, gives rise to the organic food movement too.
  3. Fast food stores are starting to include organic food menus.

Do you buy organic foods ? Why do you do so ? Lets get talking.





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