Where To Spend Your Vacation : 8 Magical Caribbean Islands To Visit

Expecting to savor your summer vacation in the Caribbean?

Dozens of breathtaking islands spread all over the ever-alluring, and remarkably welcoming Caribbean often offer an invaluable vacation destination for fun lovers. The beautiful and pristinely kept haven for tourists indeed ranks among the most flocked region throughout the year. Many fun and adventure junkies, however, have to decide on which spot to visit in the magical Caribbean Islands.

Visiting this part of the world and most importantly when you would love to visit them boils down to a host of factors. It is undoubtedly a full-fledged year-round destination, but if you aren’t careful enough, you’ll miss part of the fun associated with the spot. So, here is a list of the leading Islands for your vacation.

Aruba – 15 miles off Venezuela


Known as a perfect holidaying spot for everyone regardless of their ages, Aruba has a reputation for being a family-friendly fun place. On one hand, the island offers lots of adult-centered activities, most notably the many casinos and nightlife spots. And, on the other are the many beautiful features, including a slightly different landscape that has a desert appearance.

St. Lucia


It isn’t just a fantastic rendezvous spot in the Caribbean, but possibly the most beautiful amongst the countless islands. It is also a famous place for lovebirds and honeymooners, buoyed by the many all-inclusive resorts, the serenity described by the lush green mountains on one side and the warm, sandy beaches on the other. If you love jazz, better visit St. Lucia too, particularly during the jazz season.



Here’s one popular multifaceted island where nearly all types of fun come alive. The glamorous Barbados has accommodation facilities for people of all classes and a host of cultural and landscape diversities. Of all the must-sees in this Island is one favourite spot – Bridgetown, that dates back to over 17th century.



In addition to being so small that you can actually tour the entire island in just a few days, Anguilla also has a reputation for being a place full of white beaches only. And, yes! It is popular amongst those of us who would delight spending the vacation in a quiet and serene island. It is also known for having a subtly vocal nightlife.

St. John


It is an interesting spot, firstly because it belongs to the US Virgin Islands, and thus possible to roam around without a passport, of course, if you are from the US. Again, St. John truly suits those of us who would love fun and excitement away from home, albeit on a budget. One of the many activities to do on the island include snorkelling at the Trunk Bay and seeing the marine life.



Of all the islands, Bermuda comes top as an elegant spot. And, its elegance extends beyond the cricket matches played the entire afternoon, a warm cup of tea served at many of the area’s resorts and the endless fun. If you are a golfer, the many alluring courses will also quench your quest for glamour. Don’t forget that a trip from this spot that has a significant British influence to New York takes just 2hrs.



A gambler’s favourite vacation spot, Antigua nears Barbuda and offers many exciting holidaying facilities. For an ardent traveller, this location has plenty to offer, including gourmet restaurants, budget-cafes, discos and spectacular beaches.


If you fancy travelling to a concealed spot where you can feel private and free, better visit Vieques. And, whether you are looking for a lovey-dovey island for your honeymoon or where you can propose, find a hotel here and book. Also, place it on your list of prospective must-visit locations if ecotourism is your thing.

Other places worth visiting include Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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