For Travellers : What Is The Best Time To Visit Europe?

Yes! You have finally made the decision and gathered enough moxie; your long awaited trip to Europe is happening this year. Whether it is Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, Rome, London, Paris or just your favourite location, Europe is awaiting!

  • But first, do you have your itinerary ready?
  • Have you figured out the right destination just yet?
  • And, have you done your research work regarding where you will be going’s weather and temperature?

Well, all these are just a snippet of what will be probably going on at the back of your mind. And, given that this vast continent has a lot to offer, besides being a year-round travel destination, you will just have to narrow down your travel dates and ensure that they align with your preferences. Generally, if you will be travelling to Europe for the first time, lots of challenges will come your way.

Indeed, there’s no single ‘perfect’ time to tour Europe as we all harbour our different reasons and preferences that motivate the voyage. But as far as the weather is concerned, many ardent travellers, regardless of whether they’re hunting for crazy fun or business trips, prefer making the journey over May through September. During this period, flight prices aren’t ridiculously high, and the continent’s overall weather is relatively welcoming.

What decides your ‘perfect’ time to tour Europe?



With over 45 countries and a highly-varied geography extending from the cosy Greek Isles to frozen Norwegian fjords, the weather in Europe expectedly vary. But it is important to distinguish the few areas that exhibit favourable temperatures throughout the year.

In northern Europe – countries comprising England, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands, December through March go on record as some seemingly cold periods. Meanwhile, as the snowfalls hit the northern parts, countries located in the southern portion – Southern France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, tend to stay warmer with favourable winter.



With the continent having perhaps the most exciting sightings, festivals, adventures and just about everything in plenty, everyone would certainly fancy a trip, at least once, in their lifetime. And, with that in mind, rest assured that you will not be the only person visiting the vast continent. Crowds in the main spots of Europe are expected, especially when everything seems favourable.

July and August are the most welcoming months and, of course, nearly all the main spots will be buzzing with activities. In August, both the natives and foreigners, majorly drawn from the US, pour into this continent’s main cities and seaside areas, eager to enjoy their vacations. During this moment, nearly all hotels are booked to the brim and all tour sites filled.

To get some respite and evade the full months, just plan to head to far-flung and less-popular European destinations like the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Remember, the crowding often extends to summer when summer games come alive.

Cultural events


Europe has over 45 countries, and all these translates to different cultures, languages and events. That’s why the continent never runs out of carnivals, festivals and events throughout the year. And, of all the events to look out for, Venice, Barcelona and those others happening in France’s countryside Fete de la Musique and England’s Glastonbury Festival are worth visiting. Just be on the lookout for Germany’s Oktoberfest and Romania’s Transylvania, too.


You can travel to Europe by air and enjoy all the glamour, or by one of the many cruise ships. Moreover, hospitality and accommodation rates vary with seasons and locations chosen. Summer notoriously arrives with skyrocketing rates, and that’s why you must book ahead of time. Finally, don’t forget to hunt for travelling tips and bargain spots worth checking out.


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