SPACE TECHNOLOGY : Does It Benefit Us ?

We might be living under the illusion that all the advancements taking place as part of space technology would only come to benefit the astronauts or the people traveling to space. But this is not how it works. The work which was done to make space exploration easier and more widespread also tends to improve the quality of life on earth. Let’s take a look at some of the many ways life on Earth is benefitting from space technology.

Improved medical treatments


Space technology is being used to create complex and unique protein crystals which help scientists on Earth to discover medical treatments that can further help to improve human health. Work is being done to develop drugs using those protein structures that can help provide relief from muscular dystrophy.

Better eye surgeries


There have been significant improvements in eye surgeries using space technologies. Eye tracking device which was initially created for space is helping perform better laser surgeries today. It helps the surgeons better detect the position and balance of human eye without it interfering their surgery in any way.

Solutions to problems


The advancements taking place because of space technology are helping us solve many problems that are facing humanity in current times. Most of these solutions wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for space technology. It is due to the work which is done by these scientists that we were able to improve the quality of human life and make significant improvements in their health as well. Apart from this, it allows us to know and understand our environment better so that we can stay prepared and safe.

Students are allowed to be creative


Each year NASA holds contests that allow students to come forward with their unique ideas on what more can be done using space technology. These ideas help those students involved to explore various aspects of science and give NASA new creative ideas to work on. Knowing that their ideas hold some value too, make students more enthusiastic and motivated to further work in the fields of science and math to come up with their own solutions.

The ways space technology has impacted our lives is unmeasurable. It has helped us be more safe, healthy, secure, and equipped at the same time. To know more about the impact of space technology on our lives, follow our magazine.


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