Are You On A Weight Loss Plan? Here’s The Best Fish To Eat

Throughout your pathway towards shedding excess pounds and gaining fitness, you will have to follow some specific rules governing the whole journey strictly. And, of course, all the rules are never easy and enjoyable, especially when they are based on ditching those tasty cuisines. But in the midst of the grueling journey, there’s hope – especially when you have an ideal source of lean protein.

Fish makes a perfect addition as far as you are on a strict weight loss regimen, majorly because it is low in calories. The same dish is nutritious and rich in the healthy omega three fatty acids, which is basically imperative in the proper working of the body. Fish are indeed as fatty or as oily unlike red meat, but granted that they contain little or no unhealthy saturated fats, they have no substitute.

Why Fish?


When you are obese with loads of fat under your skin, nutritionists will always recommend that you exercise and, of course, eat low-fat or zero-fat foods. What they fail to mention, however, is, fish, despite being a meal with fats, comes in handy in conquering the seemingly impossible pounds. It is an incredible source of lean proteins that have little impact on triggering fat accumulation in the body.

Moreover, the fatty acids bring abound health benefits, with the principal among them being the ability to lower blood triglycerides and reduce the chances of suffering from heart disease and stroke. These omega-3 acids provide the all-important as good as cholesterol while suppressing the as bad as cholesterol. Ideally, any finfish variety is acceptable, including Salmon, Tuna, Herring, Sardines, Catfish, and Anchovies.

So, can all these aid in weight loss?


One of the hardest tasks facing any fish-loving individuals watching their weights is harmonizing fish into the calorie-controlled diet. But all is not lost.

Fish varieties, like the aforementioned, can suitably fit in the program, especially when the selected type is lower in calorie count than red meat. Moreover, fish come with nearly minute calories which invariably means that two or more ‘fishy’ meals consumed alone may help keep you feel full and for longer. Important to note, fish is a major source of lean proteins, which the body of someone watching their weight needs the most.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been directly linked to multiple successful weight loss experiments in many studies. It is, however, hard to discern if indeed it is hard, intricate and just trivial or just coincidental. But this fact is inescapable, and indeed fish forms an impressive part of a healthy weight loss meal.

And, does the type of fish matter here?


As per a study published in 2007, the kind of fish to be consumed has no particular importance on the eventual outcome. During the study, different fish varieties were used, and upon comparing the different results, there was no notable change. It just means that if you are striving towards shedding weight, lean fish and fish oil supplements ought to be on your rudder.

Healthiest fish to eat, therefore, is ¦

An ideal fish to eat at this point varies widely with the person’s present conditions. Of particular importance is the selected fish’s differing nutritional qualities and how it is prepared. When it is deep-fried, battered or crumbed, the fish will inevitably get fattier due to the oil used. So, the best fish is that which has been steamed, grilled or BBQ-ed.

The most popular fish amongst keen weight loss individuals include:

Black cod or Sablefish

black cod

Rainbow Trout




Sardines, Herrings, and Anchovies


All of them are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. They also have the necessary vitamin B12, which is good for the nervous system. As for you, better choose a fresh fish that is grilled or steamed.


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