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For Foodies : 6 World Food Tours To Look Out For

Let’s face it; is there any other trait that unites us, humans better than our preferences towards food?

Surely, there’s none. And, while that stands, nothing delights an ardent food junkie than being part of perhaps the largest food entourage – World Food Tours. Through the food trips, you can get to sample different cities and cultures, make merry and perhaps get the best business ideas. The trips don’t have to be ‘Michelin or Lonely Planet-inspired.’

Sometimes, the best food stories are told after touring and eating at the ends of tiny alleys, hidden amid the clamor of simplistic markets, lost somewhere on the 3rd floor of an estate. Of course, the Anthony Bourdainx thing and the swashbuckling adventurers are absolutely inescapable. Basically, the best food adventures are a blend of the simple and suave and the innovative, sophisticated food crawls.

Let’s take a tour.

  1. Vancouver


There’s no other city where there’s a fantastic mix of creativity, immigrant cuisines, and the native seafood than in Vancouver. The Vancouver Foodie Tours is an outfit that sweeps through the entire city, even incorporating tantalizing Japanese hot dogs, hoisin chicken wraps, and the authentic tandoori naan. And, the best thing about the trip is, no guest is allowed to queue to get a bite!

  1. Venice


The magical Italian city seems to be a hub of everything beautiful, including perhaps the most fascinating cuisines. The Walks of Italy is nothing worth missing and even offers a rare glimpse of the native dishes that have been there for over a century. The Walks run through the Rialto Fish Market, Cicchetti, and heartier dishes and ends with Veneto wines and Prosecco on tap.

  1. Mexico City


If you even visit this city, don’t leave without visiting a “roving supper club,” or Club Tengo Hambre. Known for some famously delicious foods, CTH is reportedly serving over 20 million foodies per day. And, it is an ideal out-there food joint where you can get a bite of what’s rarely available at home. The best foods to taste during your food tour here include Huitlacoche Quesadillas, spinach and almond-flavored green Chorizo and, of course, Tacos.

  1. Lisbon


For once, think about pedestrian gourmandizing, but with flair of scholarly approach. Culinary Backstreets is proving to be yet another face of the upcoming World Food Tours, not just because it has spread to over 13 cities across the world, but due to the way the adventure is. It takes away foodies and food lovers from the classy hotels and gives them the best dishes and seafood affordably.

  1. Tel Aviv


Eager Tourist is proving to be a force that’s too hard to ignore amongst passionate foodies in Israel and all over the world. The tour covers the city’s three most vibrant outdoor food markets and, along with viewing Tel Aviv’s booming craft beer scene, which makes Eager Tourist perhaps the leading in the region. And, once there, never leave without interacting with the leading chefs, recipe developers, and food stylists.

  1. Los Angeles


Just imagine interacting with the locals, getting to know of their local cultures and almost everything in the different locations of the world?

The Urban Adventures by Intrepid Travel is the face behind one of the most famous adventure tour operator with multiple day trips and valuable experiences in minimal time in the US. And, of all the attractive features of the voyage, Half-day and full-day culinary tours seem to be earning the company immense amounts of plaudits.

If you can’t be in a position to tour each of the above food tours, try to be part of the following:

  • Toronto’s The Culinary Adventure Company
  • Puglia in Italy’s Southern Visions
  • Clandestine in New Orleans

Do you have anything we haven’t mentioned yet ? Do you care to share ? Lets get talking.





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