Part II : Travel and Grab A Taste Of The Following Beer From Each State In The US

Your beer-tasting trip around the US has just started. And, as you brace yourself to enjoy more beers along the road, be on the look-out for the following beer brands.

Part #2


There are many types of beer here too, but pseudoSue is undisputedly and addictively tasty.


Aged in special rye whiskey barrels for an innate and oaky aftertaste, Wooden Rooster rank top among the most revered drinks in Kansas.


Tasting like liquid choco, the 35K Stout is the best beer in Kentucky.


Once here, you will have to choose between Irish Channel Stout’s chocolate and caramel flavored varieties.


At this state, a beer that invariably represents the state is Maine Beer Lunch. There are two types – citrus or pine flavored beers.


Stillwater Artisanal Gose Gone Wild is the ‘official beer’ of Maryland. It has large quantities of Citra and Amarillo hops, crisp palate and subtle tart tangs.


A savory-looking and easy to drink beer, Julius from Monson ale has lots of fanatics in Massachusetts.


In the midst of the many noteworthy beers in Michigan, just make sure that you have a glass of an excellent scotch beer known as Backwoods Bastard.


A blend of tropical, citrus and dank hops makes Axe Man ale the best.


With a sweet and spicy taste and served in the traditional English pints, Jack the Sipper rules over Mississippi.


Fuzzy beer with a flavor of American wild ale and tropical notes is the best beer in Missouri.


Getting better and more savory with age is Olde Bluehair Barleywine, and you should expect more flavors soon.


With a dark, sweet Belgian taste of Chardonnay, Melange A Trois represents Nebraska.


In Nevada, buy one of Citra Rye Pale Ale.

New Hampshire

Unlike other doppelbocks in this destination, Baltic Porter has a taste that’s almost similar to that of lagers.

New Jersey

You should try Head High from Brewing Kane Company.

New Mexico

Elevated IPA from La Cumbre has the finest taste, and it is indeed the best beer for New Mexico.

New York

Ommegang Abbey’s richness in flavor is worth giving it a try.

North Carolina

In this state, we have one Wicked Weed’s Medora Blackberry Raspberry Sour as the best beer worth tasting.

North Dakota

For all booze-loving travelers and hop lovers is one hoppy beer called Iron Horse.


One of the best beers worth tasting in Ohio, Infusion A Coffee Porter with varied tastes has all it takes to be on this list.


It is worth mentioning Foeder Cerise as the best beer in this state given that it has a sour cherry and cinnamon taste.


After being aged for seven years in special bourbon barrels, Adam From the Wood that’s sold seasonally is the best ale.


Safe for the hazy appearance, Tired Hands with a fruity aroma is the best beer.

South Carolina

Once here, don’t forget to taste the German-style sour beer called the Westbrook Gose.

South Dakota

Here, you should quench your thirst with a glass of Pile-O-Dirt Porter – either cocoa or coffee varieties are perfect.


A straight farmhouse, no-frills ale called From Tennessee With Smoke is good enough to represent this lovely state.


After brewing a hundred of pounds of raspberries, Texas’ Atrial Rubicite is great, not just because it tastes sweet, but also because of the color.


In Utah, Labyrinth Black Ale seem to have no rival. When served cold, the licorice and chocolate tastes makes it incredible.


With a simple name, “Juice” is more than just an ordinary beer. It is flavored and has a light, refreshing taste.


Hardywood Gingerbread Stout is one of those beers perfect to make you feeling great like during the festive season.


Aged in bourbon barrels and has different flavors, Abominable truly stands for Washington. No wonder it is fondly called “B-BOMB.”

West Virginia

Zack Morgan is a beer with a unique blend of hops, and that’s why you just have to “expect more from your beer.”


Don’t leave this state without tasting a glass of “Happy Accident Fruit Ale” has a great taste. It is a blend of cranberries, apples, and cherries.


To end our list and perhaps your beer-tour around the US is Melvin IPA that’s known for a fresh blast of tropical fruits.
















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