What’s Sizzling – The Top 7 Food Habits Of 2017

We are back at it again, sampling the savory food habits that attract food lovers. The list features opinions and views of over a thousand professional chefs of the American Culinary Federation, social media trends and what the mainstream media is advocating for. And, with that said, Welcome to the top seven food trends of 2017.

  1. New Cuts of Meat


Remember the famous Turkish meme that took over Instagram almost immediately it was shared? Salt Bae, as he was fondly called, is the real face of the New Cuts of Meat. Chefs are applying a bit of ingenuity in their menus with new and affordable cuts like the shoulder tender, and oyster steak and guests are indeed falling in love with the new phenomenon.

  1. Street Culture-Inspired Cuisines


With many of the most popular food trips across the world centered on the most revered street culture and dining in all unpopular spots, the rise of street food-inspired dishes is a no shocker. The foods served in these joints are more than just a traditional dish. They harbor lots of information regarding the areas native favorite foods, culture, and notable places. And that’s why in 2017, many people will probably be part of the vast entourage of foodies touring many separate areas of the planet.

  1. Charcuterie made at home


Frozen meat is not the best, especially because the disease-causing bacteria are still living and can result in sickness. However, cured meat varieties are proving to be a hot food trend in 2017, amongst diners and chefs. Meat-loving consumers who love watching TV shows that feature cooking meat may have seen how home-made Charcuterie is winning over the hearts and minds of notable chefs.

  1. Hearty meals for kids


With the calls for consumption of healthy, organic dishes getting more vocal by the day, 2017 is yet again a great year for chefs, hoteliers, and restaurateurs to offer kids meal to delight on. Nutritious meals that provide perhaps the best nutrients needed for their vibrancy and optimal body growth will unquestionably be the order of the day in the future. But in the midst of all these, burgers will not take a back seat, much like eating salads, fruit, whole grains and low-fat foods.

  1. The sustainable seafood culture


First and foremost, seafood is gaining traction to a great magnitude. But the latest move is the sustainable seafood practice that entails chefs, restaurateurs, and consumers knowing the environmental impact of switching towards the foods vis-à-vis the conventional. It is all about being conscious with where the food is caught or raised and how it affects the ecosystem.

  1. Authentic and Ethnic cuisines


Other interesting trends in the food sector 2017 concerns how ethnic foods and global cuisines seem to be taking over the dieting scene. The adventurous millennial populace is increasingly exploring flavors and aromas of the past century and in the process uncovering sophisticated palates. The practice is unifying the world in a manner that has never been seen before.

  1. African Cuisines and Flavors


After sampling European, Asian and Caribbean foods, focus is slowly shifting towards Africa where some innate delicacies are yet to be uncovered. The practice is blamed on the ever-growing multicultural population all over the world and the continent finally coming of age. And, for once, no single 5-star or perhaps 7-star hotel is afraid of enlisting African flavors and ingredients on their menus.

Other equally incredible food habits and trends worth mentioning are the fact that diners being smart with what they eat and thus focusing more on heirloom produce. It is reasonable to add that homemade condiments are taking over the proverbial center-of-the-plate popularity. With all these practices in the future, it is safe to say that the future is indeed promising.








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