The Best Places To Visit In 2017

Are you a tourist, an ardent adventure junkie or just a weekend warrior?

Regardless of whom you are, one thing is for sure: travel grants you a chance to relax, unwind and create more memories. But it is not entirely new to find yourself thinking of where to visit. And, to help you, here’s a list of the best places to tour in 2017.

Patagonia, Chile


Tour this famous Chilean destination and experience the jaw-dropping natural vistas that attract multitudes from all over the world. The snow glaciers will utterly surprise you while the steaming hot springs will leave you asking for more. And, once that’s done, be among the first people to visit the newly opened wilderness of Parque Patagonia.

St. Petersburg, Russia


Did you know that this magical city in Russia has been voted the best town in Europe twice? Yes, St. Petersburg with her golden-yellow street lights hold World Travel Awards record (twice) thanks to the ornate palaces and churches as well as the history-rich buildings. Better add it to your next list of must-travel spots.



We knew Nepal as a place where nearly all types of calamities led by earthquakes and fuel strikes were pretty much commonplace. But, right now, the small Asia state is a beautiful location to tour the Mount Everest along with their other extraordinary mountains. What’s even glamorous with here is, it has perhaps the most welcoming natives. All in all, Nepal should be your perfect destination if you are a budget-savvy traveler.



Having emerged as among the best locations to tour because of the “Game of Thrones,” Malta indeed has everything worth seeing. World Heritage Sites, tons of mystical historical sites, beautiful beaches and weather that are just perfect for a vacationer, Malta is mesmerizing. Go there and board one of the classy ships for a trip to the sea.

Palawan, Philippines


It is no secret – you must have seen Palawan Island on Instagram because it is a popularly welcoming spot. It has nearly everything available in the Caribbean, but everything there is affordable.

Havana, Cuba


After eliminating the bilateral barriers between Cuba and the US, Havana automatically opens up to the rest of the world. And, to get the best of your travel down this spot, get your backpack, find a good camera and find a good tour guide well ahead of time. Once there, enjoy the glitz of photo-shooting vintage cars and structures nearly resembling those found in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

If you can’t travel to these spots, make China’s Chengdu and Medellín in Colombia your must-tour areas. Don’t forget that Cambodia, Iran, Mombasa and Lisbon also make great travel destinations.


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