Well marketed ‘healthy’ foods that you should avoid

You may not be aware yet, but some of the ‘healthy’ foods that you have been eating may not be as healthy as you thought. Food labels such as organic, low-fat, zero sugar, and all natural have taken over the food industry because they are intended to cater to the fitness madness that has taken over the world. These terms are marketing expressions created to seduce you into buying what you think you need for your health. However, in reality, these foods are not the signal of health and wellness that they are touted to be, regardless of what their labels say.

Most of the foods that are labeled as ‘healthy’ contain excessive amounts of chemicals such as sodium, sugar and a range of harmful preservatives and additives all of which are debilitating to your health. Although it can be hard to determine what is real and what is just marketing jargon, avoiding these foods can make a huge difference in a person’s weight loss journey. If you are unsure about what to eat, just look for REAL food; the type that is grown naturally. Here are some well marketed ‘healthy’ foods that you should actually avoid:


Granola has a reputation for being a health food, but it actually isn’t. Most of the granola bars available in the grocery store today are made with large quantities of white sugar, veggie oil and butter. So depending on your brand of choice, you may be consuming more calories than you expect.

Low-fat salad dressing

Low-fat foods were once thought to be the healthiest but as it turns out; they may actually be the unhealthiest of the batch. Low-fat salad dressing tastes nice because it is filled with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives to make it last longer. In any case, avoid anything that is labeled fat-free because 1. removing fat from food makes it taste terrible 2. Fats are a vital part of the human diet.

Diet soda

A diet soda and a regular soda are basically the same. As a matter of fact, diet soda might be worse for you compared to regular soda. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners, which are much sweeter than regular sweeteners, which when burnt are converted into stored fat.

Instant oatmeal

Contrary to popular belief, instant oatmeal does nothing for your diet. The flavored variety is particularly bad for you because it contains too much sugar. Try and stick with stick cut oats for the best nutritional value.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit might seem like the ideal snack at first, however, dried fruit is coated with oil and sulphites so that the freshness can last. Some dried fruit even has extra sugar to make it sweeter and more appealing.

Energy/protein bars

Sadly, most protein and energy bars are just chocolate bars disguised as healthy snacks. Although some bars are lower in calories than others, it is important to do your research to be informed about your favorite brand.

Sports drinks and vitamin waters

Sports drinks are the worst things to include in your diet if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Sports drinks contain a list of unhealthy ingredients including artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives, veggie oils, high fructose syrup and crazy amounts of sugar. These artificial drinks are supposed to provide extra hydration and balance out the electrolytes. But if you are sitting at home or in the office all day, why would you need them? If you do indeed need your electrolytes balanced, healthy alternatives such as bananas and coconut water are available and they are much healthier for you.

Canned soup

Soup that is made at home naturally is great if you are trying to cut down on your calorie intake. However, the grocery store type is usually filled with sodium and sugar, not to mention the preservatives that go in to make sure that it stays fresh. As such, it may be responsible for your high sodium intake.

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