How to save money on food shopping

Life in the contemporary world has become increasingly expensive. Nowadays, the cost of living has skyrocketed, which means that you are probably paying more for food than you did five years ago. Grocery stores are the nucleus of consumerism because it is entirely impossible to live without them. Unfortunately, grocery stores and supermarkets are designed to seduce you into spending more than you really have.

Lucky for you, the shopper, there is a greater selection of food stores and bulk discounters that can avail food at more affordable prices. The competitive nature is great for you because it drives down prices. With a few focused tips and tricks, it is possible to save even more when food shopping. Here is how to save money on food shopping:

Before the shopping process begins:

The process of saving money on food begins even before you set foot into your favorite grocery store. Before you go for food shopping:

Prepare a shopping list

You should always have a pad or a writing surface in your kitchen where you can add items that you need in the course of the week. Noting down what you need as the week proceeds will allow you to only buy what you require

Meal prep

Meal prep will create an opportunity to plan your shopping list in advance. The menu that you create should consist of items that you already have in your pantry or fridge. This will make sure that you do waste any food and that you purchase fewer items.

Leave the little ones at home

If you can avoid it, try and leave your kids at home because of their pester power. Kids have a way of forcing you to buy things that you do not need. Furthermore, the supermarket is rigged to make you spend more, because of all the wonderful smells of the bakery and the colorful packaging that is designed to entice you and your kids.

Eat before shopping


Try to have a snack before shopping because when you are full, you are likely to spend less on food.

Set a budget and carry cash

Always set a budget before shopping and try as much as you can to stick to it. Avoid taking more cash than you need because it is bound to make you spend more than you should.

Try and buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is cheaper and it will put less strain on you because you will frequent the store less. You can divide up the bulk products into smaller portions to regulate how much you use each time.

Buy generic

If you want to stretch your pounds sterling as far as possible, you should consider buying generic rather than brand names. Brand names are just that; brand names. Generic products do not taste the same as brand names, but it is alright because you probably will not notice the difference. However, you will make significant savings in the process.

Look for the special

If you do not want to give up your brand name food supplies, try and check for their specials. Specials are typically cheaper than full price products.

Browse all the shelves

When shopping, make sure that you go through the products on the shelf. Grocery stores generally cautiously plan where each product will go to the store. For instance, the products that they want to sell quickly are usually at eye level. Because of this, make sure that you take your time to browse the range of food items available to look for cheaper alternatives.

It might take you longer to shop this way, but it will save you money consequently.

What other points have I left out? Do you think these points are a little too far ? Lets get talking.


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