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How to take the best holiday pictures



Holidays provide the best photo opportunities and backdrops, especially if you are taking the pictures in a tropical paradise. The trouble with holiday photography is that you never seem to have all the equipment necessary to take the best photo. Additionally, there are certain days that are better for taking photos than others, but sometimes it is simply impossible to be at the right place at the right time. Although the skill to handle a camera does not come naturally to everyone, it is entirely possible to capture breathtaking holiday photos by following these tips and tricks:

Place your subject off center

Instead of placing your subject in the center of your photo as is the norm, try placing it off center. To do this, just move your camera until you make sure that there is a lot of dead space on one end while your subject is on the extreme end of the picture. The off-center technique helps to make the background of your photo more visible and it also helps to draw attention to the subject.

Move closer to the subject

If you are finding it difficult to take great pictures while on holiday, you may have to move closer to your subject. Whether you plan to place your subject off-center or in the center, moving close will make a huge difference in the appearance of your photos because the subjects will be hard to miss. To find out if you want to zoom in or not, it helps to first take the obligatory full-length picture. It is this full-length picture that will help you to pick the details that you want to zoom in on.

Adjust your ISO rather than use your flash

Flashes whose cameras are left in automatic mode have a tendency to go on and off haphazardly, which might result in washed out colors and unnatural shadows on your pictures. To fix the problem without switching off your flash, you should set your device to program mode in the place of auto mode. The change will give you more control over the ISO setting, which will enable you to take better photos in low lit conditions such as indoor parties.

Take advantage of unexpected opportunities

When taking holiday pictures in places that you have never been before, you should always be ready to take advantage of unexpected opportunities that make the best photos. Unexpected opportunities such as birds flying suddenly or the first droplets of rain can make your pictures appear more stunning than you expected; capturing small details can also make your trip appear more magical. The trick is to play it up with different angles so that you can capture the beauty of the mundane. Sadly, many smartphone lenses do not have the capacity to allow you to take macro photographs. If you have the right equipment such as a professional compact camera, this procedure is more achievable.

Change up your positions

When most people take pictures, they tend to do it standing upright. Although this practice is great for taking standard photos, it is not the only way to do it. You can try shifting your positions around to frame your subject in unique angles. If you want the subject to appear smaller in your pictures, you should handle the camera at an elevated position. Taking pictures from different positions will also give you the opportunity to pick the best pictures for your posts.

Shoot against the light

The technique of shooting against the light is sometimes discouraged because it can be tricky to pull off. With careful observation and calculated planning, it is possible to capture an amazing picture against the light that does not compromise the integrity of your subjects. Some of the best things to shoot against the light are silhouettes of people during sunset or reflections of light shining through palm trees.



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Revealed: The Best U.S States To Live For Your Well-Being

Your general well-being is primarily responsible for your wellness all round. You should take care of your body, workout routinely, associate yourself with positive people and appreciate simple things done unto you every day. Doing all these, along with being in a healthy relationship significantly makes you confident and courageous even when faced with insurmountable challenges.

But all these aren’t just enough if you are to indeed lead a satisfying life. You might be doing everything that bolsters your well-being; staying happy and connected, reaching out and having time for fun, just like you would love to be happy and healthy throughout. But as it turns out, there is something that might be hampering you from being well all round.



Your general well-being is primarily responsible for your wellness all round. You should take care of your body, workout routinely, associate yourself with positive people and appreciate simple things done unto you every day. Doing all these, along with being in a healthy relationship significantly makes you confident and courageous even when faced with insurmountable challenges.

But all these aren’t just enough if you are to indeed lead a satisfying life. You might be doing everything that bolsters your well-being; staying happy and connected, reaching out and having time for fun, just like you would love to be happy and healthy throughout. But as it turns out, there is something that might be hampering you from being well all round.

Here are the best states in the US to reside for your well being

Before we take a look at the healthiest and happiest states in the US, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of the annual survey. Well, the results exhibit the various states’ inhabitant social, economic and health outlook, where people should live in and perhaps where to avoid. The statistics are rated on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being a state where it ranks low regarding well-being.

In 2016, Gallup did a well-being study across the US, of course, hoping to reveal states whose residents ranked high in well-being. They focused on five major elements that explain a person who does well concerning their well-being.

Essentially, the elements were:

  • Sense of Purpose
  • Social – a place where love and relationships can thrive.
  • Financial and Economic Security
  • Amount of pride in the Community
  • Physical look or the terrain that favor wellness

Well-being Survey: Healthiest, Happiest States

  1. Hawaii

People living in the little tropical islands of Hawaii are the happiest and the reason a no-brainer. From the scenic mountains to the warm, welcoming beaches, Hawaii indeed has every reason to be the most welcoming state. And, for the record, it is the record 5th time Hawaii is coming first since 2008!


  1. Alaska

The far-off state of Alaska is not the best of places if you are used to living in the large cities. However, many love Alaska and thus vouch for it as among the states to live in because it is great concerning residents’ financial well-being.


  1. Montana

Regarding community well-being, Montana ranks top, and that’s the main reason this state is third best state for your overall well-being.


  1. Colorado

If you have been to Colorado, then you’ll know for sure why it is another ideal state to live in if you value your well-being.


  1. Wyoming

With the latest well-being index score of 63.5, Wyoming is without a doubt, another state worth living. In this state, locals exhibit a high sense of purpose and community.



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Great tips that can help you enjoy holiday travel



Travel during the holidays can be ridiculously stressful, expensive and busy. If you are not well prepared, your trip is probably going to be affected by less enthralling possibilities such as overcrowded airports, delayed flights, icy roads that might be impassable and bumper to bumper traffic, all of which can ruin your holiday in an instant. As dismaying and as grim as these possibilities might be, it is entirely possible for a well-prepared traveler to avoid some of the looming headaches that come with holiday travel. Here are some great tips that can help you enjoy holiday travel:

Plan early

If you have not already started planning your holiday travel at this point in this year, then it is advisable to start the process of planning now. Ample preparation before traveling in one of the best things that you can do to avoid the stress that is associated with holiday travel. While it is possible to plan late and still enjoy your holiday, you are far less likely to encounter some of the headaches listed above by at least booking your tickets a couple of weeks in advance. Early planning can also allow you to save money by getting deals on airfare before the peak travel dates. If you can, also purchase early morning flights because if your flight is canceled, you can still get another in the course of the day.

Compare prices

It is important to shop around if you want to get the best bargain deals for your holiday travel. There are numerous booking sites out there such as Expedia that can allow you to compare prices to get the best values. It is essential that you cast a wide net when comparison shopping because it will help you assess all the options available.

Pick a smaller airport

If you have traveled before, you may have noticed how busy and chaotic it gets at large airports during the holidays. Yes, a large metropolitan airport affords you the expediency of booking your flight based on your trip schedule.  However, everyone else will opt for the large airport for the same reason. During busy travel dates such as Christmas, large airports are typically overcrowded, which can make your trip a nightmare even before it starts. To avoid this, you should consider a smaller airport or an alternate one that is more convenient.

Avoid connecting flights

If you can, you should try as much as you can to avoid connecting flights. This is because the holiday period, particularly between Thanksgiving and the New Year, is the busiest all year. You are more likely to lose your luggage and disruptions always occur due to bad weather that can mess up your travel itinerary. As such, always opt for direct flights if you can afford it. Sure, connecting flights will save you some cash but the chances are high that something will go wrong. In which case, the money that you save may not be worth it because you could mess up your entire trip with a single delay.

Use your travel rewards

Whether you have miles or cash back offers, the holidays are the best times to use those hard-earned travel rewards. There are numerous promotions that run during the holiday season to encourage holiday travel. Make sure that you look around on travel websites and blogs for the best promotions.

Consider Winter travel instead

If you have the flexibility that many others do not, then you should consider traveling during winter instead. The crowds are smaller in winter and the prices are more pocket-friendly, which is better for your travel and activities budget. Airfare to many destinations, domestic and international, is typically lower during winter, which means that you can still enjoy everything that you would have in December but at a much lower price.


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Why you should consider cruise travel



Cruises are a great way to discover what the world has to offer. Travelers that have not yet experienced cruise travel are missing out because cruises combine all the travel activities, meals, as well as accommodation in one inexpensive package. Additionally, cruises are ideal because they enable you to travel to more than one destination without spending money on all that airfare. Thanks to the vast number of cruise ships and routes available, there is a cruise package to suit every traveler and their budget restrictions. From solo traveler to families and couples, there is no reason why you should not consider a cruise in 2018.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider cruise travel:

You can travel to multiple destinations cheaply

Cruising has to be the ultimate way to cross off as many destinations on your bucket list as possible. Cruise holidays are not stressful to plan because your transport and accommodation are typically pre-arranged. With cruises, all you have to do is select a ship of your picking, plan your itinerary and decide on your cabin choice. Each day, you can wake up to a new destination without the worry of planning your logistics for getting around.

They are inexpensive

Cruise ships are inexpensive because they give you great value for money. All the meals, entertainment, transport, and accommodation is taken care off at a substantially reduced cost. On regular trips, you are likely spending the same amount on hotels, taxi, and food. Luxury cruises are even better for those that can afford them because they are more inclusive and they offer extra value services that heighten your experience. If you are looking for a way to save money, you should opt for last minute deals or special offers that can help to slash your expenses by half.

A broad range to choose from

Whatever your dream cruise holiday may be, there is a wide array of cruise ships to choose from including ships that are suitable for couples or family members. Cruise packages and offers come in all shapes and sizes and can be accessed in any part of the world that has a port. Cruise ships also travel to many destinations in the world therefore cruising can be one of the best ways to experience those famous and enchanting cities that you only see on maps.

Most are family friendly

Most cruise ships go the extra mile to make sure that there are activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Cruises can be a great way to teach your children vital social skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. The ships typically have activities and clubs that are designed for kids to interact with other kids while making new friends. Cruises are also a great way to make new friends from every corner of the world. If you are looking for a stress-free holiday that appeals to the whole family, then it may be time that you considered going on a cruise this fast approaching December holidays.

It is a unique experience

Cruising is a truly different type of holiday. It is possible to tailor fit the cruise of your choice to your personality. For instance, if you are looking for love or romance, there are cruises that are catered specifically for singles that are looking for other singles. Here, you can meet people that share the same dreams and interests as you. Cruises are also ideal for people that enjoy live entertainment. There are all sorts of entertaining shows that are held in cruise ships from Vegas inspired shows to live performances of music and dancing which are all great ways to meet new people and make romantic connections.

Have you been on a cruise lately ? How was your experience like ?

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