What hinders your psychological well being ?

A good psychological well-being is not just about staying free of mental health issues like depression. Rather, it is about having a stable psychological health that can allow one to flourish and enjoy all that life has to offer fully. Everyone goes through highs and lows in life, but the capacity for an individual to cope with the highs and the lows can vary greatly from one person to another. In part, this capacity is what determines a person’s psychological well-being and their capacity to enjoy their lives.

When a person is suffering from psychological issues that affect their wellbeing, it can be easy to get carried away with the endless treatment options out there. However, one the easiest and best ways to restore an individual’s psychological wellbeing back to form is by assessing the lifestyle factors that need to be changed.

Lifestyle factors such as smoking, as well as a range of behavioral social issues,  can have a major impact on a person’s psychological welfare. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, the treatment options that are selected for an individual with mental issues tend to work more efficiently when negative lifestyle factors are handled.  Here are some factors that could be affecting your psychological well being negatively:

Inactivity or lack of exercise

Exercise is not just important for controlling weight gain, but it is also essential for safeguarding your mental wellbeing. Exercise can be effective at treating mental concerns like anxiety and stress in the same way as antidepressants work. Exercise helps by:

  • Relieving depressive and anxiety filled symptoms.
  • It clears your mind, allowing you to complete tasks properly.
  • It enhances your self-worth.
  • It allows you to add structure and routine to life.

Please, not that although exercise helps, there is no magic amount that can help to cure your mental health issues. Instead, the key is remaining as consistent as possible.


Your diet

Your diet directly affects your physical health, which in turn affects your psychological health. Unhealthy food choices such as fried and unprocessed food have a very low nutrient value which can undermine your mental health. If you want to feel better physically and mentally, it all starts by changing the type of food that you consume.  Healthy foods such as fish, chicken, veggies, and fruits can help to boost your brain power and enhance your mood.

Physical illness

Your mind and your body share a bond. So when physical ailments occur, they also affect your mental health risks. Even small pains and aches including toothaches can wreak havoc on your mind. For instance, recurring pain can trigger feelings of anxiety, depression and can even lead to the development of irregular sleep patterns. The fact is that your mind and brain can never be separated from the other which means that it is impossible to take care of one and ignore the other completely.

Social & communal activities

The activities that you take part in socially and in the community can also affect your psychological wellbeing. Simply going out with your friends for a day or night of fun can have a significant effect on your outlook and mood, which can lead to a healthier mental capacity. When an individual lives in isolation, they are more likely to succumb to the loneliness and depression that comes with living alone. So, it is important to involve yourself in community events and activities that foster social interactions if you want to enhance your mental wellbeing.



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