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Keche Agrees On New Record Deal, Offered GHC2.5 Million, And Other Goodies



Golden Empire Legacy Limited – a record label which has been in existence since 2016 – disclosed the deal during a press unveiling held on Tuesday, April 16, at East Legon, Accra.

The duo was offered a whooping GHC2.5 million (equivalent to USD $500,000) plus three-bedroom apartment and two Hyundai Elantra saloon cars to help them run their day-to-day activities.

The “Diabetes” hitmakers will, aside from their mind-blowing signing on bonus, receive all necessary support to help rejuvenate their career.

According to the C.E.O of Golden Empire Legacy, Joana Gyan, Keche’s deal is intended to uplift the brand and its image, and all the necessary measures to propel their career.

She said the duo were signed because they are valuable assets and that they believe they can recoup their investments by the end of the contract.

The contract which lasts for two years will also see the group’s manager George Britton move to the label.

On the current status of Keche’s former label, GB Recordz, Britton used the phrase ‘it’s been absorbed’ to describe it. Indirectly, it’s been merged with Golden Empire Legacy.

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Celebrity Buzz

Castro’s ghost is tormenting me to continue his work-Blaq Aroma speaks to Degraft PR



Fast rising, hiplife singer, Blaq Aroma has revealed that the ghost of the popular musician, Castro is tormenting him to continue his work in the industry.

According to the Fante singer, “Under fire” unveiled to him that he could not accomplish his work before leaving the land of living to the world of silence, hence the need for him to set the dice rolling in his absence.

Narrating his ordeal to, he disclosed that he had no intention to storm into the showbiz world but his constant nightmare about the legendary hip-life singer forced him to embrace the industry.

Aroma claimed that the concept of his new track “odo ada daa” was given to him by the ‘Seihor’ hit maker, adding that Castro was planning to release the track before his unfortunate incidence.

Blaq Aroma

The track, he noted was released last month to advise women and men to hold on to their lover irrespective of the condition.

“The track talks about a girl who left her lover to follow someone else due to the fact that the man was not financially sound but when the man made it and married someone else the girl wanted to return,” he said.

The “ye ma gaba” hit maker indicated that his latest track depicted Castro’s life experience, saying “Castro says he is about to use me as a vessel to narrate all his personal experience to the world. Odo ada daa, Castro said he experienced it before becoming popular” and called on sympathisers and well wishers of Castro to hail him to success.

He also revealed to this site that he would release the video of ‘odo ada daa’ soon and urged fans to watch out.

Known in private life as Emmanuel Essuman, he has released three tracks since he made triumphant entry this year into the industry and ready to set a unique standard for others to follow.


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Stars cheer the ‘Black Stars’ to success



Many Ghanaians who lost faith in the blacks Stars took to their social media page to dissuade well wishers from supporting the team, as the 32nd edition of Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) kicked start in Egypt.

The team is said to have disappointed supporters in some matches that they had a chance to win trophy for the country.

From various AFCON  to World Cup matches, the black Stars’ inability to score penalties, goals and to sail through is believed to have caused the death of some supporters, hence led the die in the wool fans to lose hope in the team.

Against this backdrop Musicians of the country have urged the citizenry to be patriotic and cheer the black stars to victory.

They said although the team had failed the country on several occasions but it would be unfair if people lend their support to other countries, saying “no one can use his left hand to show his father’s home.”

The singers observed that aside entertainment, foot ball was the major art that brought unity and love  as well as projecting the nation to the outside world.

They indicated that the black stars were in a battle field and the least the nation could do was to support the team in prayers and in spirit for them to bring home the trophy to glorify the nation.

The AFCON started on June 21 and is expected to end on July 19.

It started with 32 teams with Black Stars in group ‘F’, the team played against Benin, Guinea Bissau and Cameroon to be in the next round of the game.

In the chat, Ghana qualified to round of 16 by topping the group with five points and are to play with the Tunisians today. on Saturday engaged some celebrities, to get their messages and this is what they had to say:


Akwaboah: “I believe they can bring the cup home, so they should. God be with them!”

Kumi Guitar

Kumi Guitar: “ I wish the soldiers, I mean the black stars all the best, I pray they emerge winners of the tournament. Sometimes I fall sick when they lose, although I am not a football fan but all the matches I watch are black stars matches. I will urge our coach to make Asamoah play from now because we should not live any stone unturned if we want to win. I Wish them all the best!”

AK Songstress

Ak Songstress: “Good luck to the Black Stars. They should follow tradition and put Tunisia to bed as they have always done.”


Bless: “Actually, I am not a football fan, but I support them fully and urge fellow Ghanaians to lend them the same support to enable our ‘Boys’ to bring back home the trophy which went away 37 years ago. God bless our homeland Ghana!”

Scrip T

Scrip T: “The Stars should do well as they did in the previous matches to win the trophy, we support them and it is our fervent prayer that they don’t return.”

Blaq Aroma

Blaq Aroma: “It was difficult during our first and second match but i had belief in the ‘boys’ that they would sail through to be part of the final teams and I know God will back us up. I urge all Ghanaians to support and continue supporting our stars to bring the cup home because blood is sticker than water, Cheers to Victory!”


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Celebrity Buzz

Is ‘Beefing’ making the music industry vibrant or killing it? Natalie’s take on Ghana’s ‘Beefing’ industry



Competition is an inevitable part of the business world and an important part of the business ecosystem.

However, when competitors begin to see competition as a necessary evil that is when hatred develops among them, each one tries to outwit the other in terms of product features and services.


The entertainment industry is no different from the real marketing industry where musicians engage in personal friction, the wording ‘beef’ is used to label it.

Musical beef is a slang that refers to deep hatred for a close musician which is normally demonstrated through songs that have an element of insults and witty sayings to make the other artiste less admired and attractive.

Talking about historic accounts of beef, the names Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G come to mind as the duo fought each other through their music.

The craze between them worsened, in an outline, 2pac was shot by a faceless hitman and died due to cardiac failure, soon after Notorious was also shot in a traffic jam by suspected 2Pac’s ‘West Coast’ crew.

Beef gradually meandered into the nation’s showbiz, with some music and non music fans saying the act was learnt from the Western world.

Daddy Lumba

Dating as far back as the early 1990s, the two legendary highlife musicians, Daddy Lumba and Nana Acheampong who started their career together in the same band in Germany, engaged in a feud after treating Ghanaians to their refined highlife tunes.

It had been rumoured that, after staging a show together, Daddy Lumba refused to give a share of the proceeds to his counterpart, Nana Acheampong.

Rivalries started from that point and they have settled their scores through ‘diss songs.’

The act did not end there. Chicago and Ex-Doe sparked it in the late 1990s with the two rappers claiming ownership of a hit song titled “Daavi Mede Kuku” which they released in 1996.

It can be deduced, that the earlier beef came out of a misunderstanding between friends, later the act changed to a battle of who is the best within the industry.


Obrafour and Lord Kenya exhibited the challenge in the early 2000s and in mid 2016 Sarkodie and M.anifest joined the craze to show their rap prowess to the world with tracks that the rappers descended on each other lyrically.


Over a decade now, fans and music lovers engaged in a debate trying to crown the “King of Dancehall” of the country, this developed from mere debate to an intensive rivalry between the three biggest artistes in the country with Shatta Wale claiming to be the king of dancehall.

Shatta Wale

In that quest, Shatta Wale engaged in cold-war with Samini and Stonebwoy which he released uncountable tracks dissing his opponents, the competition for the title led to high tensions between the three artists, resulting in social media jabs and angry rants during live broadcast interviews.


Celebrity cold war in the country reached its peak when Stonebwoy brandished a gun to defend his award at the 20th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards when Shatta Wale tried to get on stage while he (Stonebwoy) was receiving the “Dancehall artiste of the year” award.

Their action compelled the VGMA board to strip them off their awards, with Amandzeba Nat Brew, the Board Chairman, describing the act as shameful and painted a negative image of the country to the global community.


Many industrial players added their voice for musicians to live in harmony, the nation over rejoiced once Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale smoked peace pipe with a promising concert scheduled in July.

For a moment, everyone thought musical beef has been bedridden but it seems to be a general music infection that has eaten up the industry, Strongman and Medikal worsened it with songs that became a troll on social media.

Their beef became so intense that they even engaged their girlfriends in the diss songs with Strongman claiming Medikal bought the best rapper award with fraud money and had no promising career.

Musicians, fans and key industrial players took to their social media pages to rate the beef; subsequently Strongman was declared the winner.

However, many people believe beef in the industry had taken a different twist where artistes sell their arts by descending on the other to get known in the showbiz world.

Some believe that Shatta Wale engaged in a beef with one of the best rappers, Sarkodie just to sell his Reign album.


Fans take sides about beef when debate comes up, some suggest it makes the industry lively and attractive while others see it as stumbling block in the development of the nation’s entertainment.

No doubts that enmity had been generated through the act of beef, Franklin Roosevelt once said “Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.”

With these accounts the question which still is, is beef killing the industry or making it vibrant?


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