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Stephanie Benson, Nana Ama McBrown and Joselyn Dumas top the chat of the sexiest aesthetic and sultry celebrities whose beauty never fades in showbiz!



Beauty is the major controller in today’s showbiz industry, no wonder many female artistes and actresses put much effort in promoting their brand through their outlook.

They spend millions and thousands to enhance their body complexion, curves or shape to bring out the aesthetic features in them.

Many believed beauty enhancement could make them stay relevant to the society and always gain prominent treatment in news item, thus want to look younger and sultry to chalk their names in the good books of the industry.

Beauty is defined by Cambridge dictionary as a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Celebrities who felt showbiz was clearly defined by the outlook that could attract more admirers, engage audiences and increase their fun based rather would clearly distinguish themselves and act in accordance with John Keats, who once said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness.” presents five top most Ghanaian celebrities who are old but look younger, sexy and charming than their age.

5. Naana Hayford-Domfeh

Naana Hayford

The Veteran actress who doubles as a radio and television personality is a force to reckon with in the industry.

She is the living proof of beauty whose versatility and kindness cannot be easily faded out anytime soon.

Naana Hayford is a philanthropist and has starred in many English and Akan movies.

Her present in the showbiz industry essayed her as pillar and role model to the youth, her dark hair and round face makes her look exceptionally charming among her age mates.

She is believed by many to be in her late 50s (fifties) but endowed with a timeless beauty.

No one could verify the year God blessed the world with this beautiful creature.

4. Kalsoume Sinare Baffoe

Kalsoume Sinare Baffoe

She is a celebrated actress and former model who contested for Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant, Miss world pageant and won Miss model Africa pageant in 1990

She made her acting debut in the Stage production dubbed “Theatre Mirrors” and fully became actress in 1993.

The beautiful queen is married to former international Ghanaian footballer Anthony Baffoe and has won several awards.

Fans were of the view that her shade of beauty magnified after starring in “Forever young” which they say, she wanted to be young forever.

3. Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas

The beautiful curvy actress, who is also TV and radio show hostess, is the definition of perfect beauty to the male admirers.

Her sultry look could drive men crazy and get mouth wagging during red carpets.

Joselyn Dumas

Show lovers tagged her as the “queen of red carpet” and consistently never failed to showcase to the world her fashion sense.

Joselyn started as a TV presenter, she presented the popular TV entertainment show christened “Rhythms” alongside Chris Attoh before she meandered into Ghallywood movie.

On August 31 she climbed the ladder of life and proudly broke the internet with her refined beauty pictures as she turned 39 years.

2. Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown

Privately known as Felicity Ama Agyemang, she is one of the most leading actresses who is well talented and does not need any make over to make her look appealing and exquisite.

She Is a real definition of natural beauty and looks good any how she presents herself, Nana Ama McBrown got herself a new name as “Madam Hisense.”

She is a real blessing and fortune still smiles at her even at the age of 42. couldn’t downplay her vibrancy and her exuberance natural beauty.

Nana Ama McBrown

McBrown has become a household name as she has gotten herself a huge fan based in the manner she acts, present herself and her constant ambassadorial role; she is also the beauty of the kitchen with her popular “McBrown’s Kitchen” show.
1. Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson

The ‘Good bye’ hit maker topped our chat; she is a sister to the renowned highlife singer Akosua Agyapong.

She has never stopped to amaze the world with her way of life, manner of dressing and facial language.

One could boldly embrace the fact that she is an epitome of beauty and a woman who refuses to grow old.

She is magnificent, glamour and sizzlingly hot with her appearance, the United Kingdom (UK)-based Ghanaian international singer and performer is described in the country as the queen of jazz music.

Stephanie Benson

The 52 year old entertainer, sparkles the industry with her undoubted beauty, her spotless look is as if she just turned 20, Stephanie is one beauty that makes the youth exclaim “I wanna be like you when I grow up.”

Stephanie Benson is confidence and never allows her age to detect what to wear; she is a perfect creature in all ramifications.


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Check out the dominant hairstyles of male musicians that have become a freak in the country!



Fame as they say is the primary cue of prestige, the more attention superstars get the more they attract the world to imitate their steps.

Indeed! Fame has come with a new revolution, where stars solely lead lifestyles that could lure fans and admirers to act from their perspective to sell their brand image.

It is of no doubt that people are programmed with adaptive behaviour, any style that the famous ones introduce into the system the youth copy, deeming it as the fashion of the era.

Against this backdrop Music superstars in the nation have never stopped intriguing the public with their hairstyles.

A phenomenal used for Public to love their music and sell their trademark to others.

They create trends through their hairdos either through funky hair cut, dreadlocks and corn row, this evolution has gained most singers strong fan based and a competitive edge in the entertainment fraternity. presents three male musicians whose hairstyles have changed trends:

1. Kwesi Arthur

The fast trending rapper who gained recognition in the industry within a blink of an eye did not only entice the world with his rap music but changed trends with his fluffy dreadlocks.

The brand image he embraced stood him out among his other competitors; the style has lured many young guys who loved his music to acquire his hair do to demonstrate how much they love his brand and music.

Kwesi Arthur

The flat top fluffy dreadlocks craze is now seen everywhere in the country among the youth.

It can now be deduced that the ground up chale movement has been adopted by the youth as lifestyle which brings Kwesi Arthur closer to the common people.

2. Pappy Kojo

Pappy Kojo

The Takoradi based Fantse rapper stormed the industry with shaved side hair style with long middle dreadlocks.

This influenced both men and women and became the famous hairstyle in 2015 among the youth.

Pappy Kojo

The rap “Van Dame” swag lighted a new fashionable light in the industry and became the order of the day; he reached the peak of his fame in that year and got many Ghanaians dancing to his tempo.
Indeed, the shaved side hairstyle ruled and still trending!

3. Stonebwoy


The Bhimnation movement could not have gone higher if Stonebwoy had not changed his hair cut to rasta.

Just like Pappy, Stonebwoys hairstyle became a relief to those who prefer to appreciate nature.

Yes! It is not everyone who prefers long rasta, others yearn for similar thing but not lengthy, Stonebwoy brought that neck length rasta with all sides and skull shaved revolution which received a good adaptive behaviour among the people.

The signature hairstyle is really enjoying it’s reign among the “bhim natives.”


People believed that Kwesi Arthur imitated Stonebwoy and added a new twist to it to make his brand unique from that of Stone but the fact still stands that Stonebwoy’s hairstyle is still a freak in the society.


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All You Need To Know About Chale Wote Arts Festival 2019



Chalewote Arts Festival is annual festival celebrated right after Homowo to display the talents of the fine arts industry in the country. The festival which is celebrated at James Town, a very popular community in the capital Accra seeks to bring people with different artistic talents together in harmony. The festival include street painting, graffiti murals, spoken word poetry, live arts display, musical performances, fashion parades and other entertaining disciplines.

The event has chalked enormous successes bringing people from across the corners of the country as well as a major tourists boost for the country. Patrons excitement in this event increase every year with different surprises.

The festival has been endorsed by different art schools across the country and Africa at large. Many celebrities has been spotted having a glimpse Ghanaian historical arts.

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M.anifest Is The Greatest In His Generation of Conscious Rap Music – Actress Ama K. Abebrese



Ghana’s top actress and Television Personality Ama Konadu Abebrese has disclosed emphatically that Kwame Ametepeh Tsikata known in the rap fraternity as M.anifest is a very deep rapper and conscious lyricist and that only ardent followers of true rap music and conscious people would appreciate his craft and not just popular music followers.

In an interview monitored by on JOY FM’s Cosmopolitan bMix with Mamavi Aboagye, the multitalented actress revealed that ” M.anifest is such an adorable rapper and conscious lyricist. He is one of the best emcees in Ghana and Africa at large as well as one of the deepest rappers to ever come from the country. If you truly appreciate rap and lyricism and not just popular music and groove, you would come to appreciate the fact that M.anifest is simply dope and very intellectual. His level on intelligence is clearly seen in his choice of words in poetic rap music that would put you on fact finding missions and get you thinking on a wider range and later on, make you fall in love with his works all over again. He is very versatile and cut across, be it fun stuffs, social issues and any other mind boggling creative aspect you could think of. That’s makes him one of my favorites in the world.”

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